The Killer Angels Quiz

  1. What information did the spy give to Longstreet?
    A large mass of Union troops are heading North
  2. What is Longstreet's attitude towards Lee's invasion of the North?
    Skeptical because he didn't believe in spies, but if the spy was right then Lee would have to turn around
  3. How does Shaara portray Lee? What adjectives does he use to describe him?
    Old man, Confederate general, slow talker, and crude
  4. What was Chamberlain's problem and how did he solve it?
    • He was given orders to shoot any man of the 2nd Maine who refuses to march.
    • He solves it by asking them to join his regiment, the 20th Maine. All, but 6 agree.
  5. Why was Chamberlain fighting in the war?
    Union - He wanted to retain the Confederate states and preserve the Union
  6. Why was Burford so concerned on the afternoon of June 30? What was his goal?
    • He was concerned that he wouldn't have enough soldiers to be able to occupy high ground.
    • Goal = To occupy high ground about Gettysburg
  7. Why was he pessimistic about achieving his goal?
    Didn't know if Reynolds' army would get there in time
  8. Describe the atmosphere at Longstreet's headquarters the night of June 30. Why was it so?
    • They were teaching Englishmen to play poker, laughing, music, and campfires.
    • They thought the war was over.
  9. Armistead hoped to see                       at Gettysburg. He was like a                .
    • General Winfield Hancock
    • Brother
  10. For what cause did Confederate soldiers like Kemper fight? What did Longstreet think about the "Cause"?
    • Fighting for our freedom from the rule of what is to us a foreign government.
    • He thinks there is going to be a big war becasue of this.
  11. Lee faced a number of problems on the morning of July 1. What were they?
    Slight heart troubles and General Stuart didn't report back with the position of the Union army.
  12. On the morning of July 2, on what matter did Lee and Longstreet disagree? Explain their disagreement.
    Longstreet believes that the Union army has occupied Gettysburg and suggests that the Confederate army go around the SE of Gettysburg and put itself inbetween the Union army and Washington DC, cutting Union soldiers off from the capital and forcing them to attack. Lee disagrees and refuses to send them.
  13. Where was Stuart at this point? Why did it matter?
    • Lee didn't know where he was.
    • Stuart was supposed to tell Lee where the Union army was.
  14. Why was Buford important on the morning of July 1?
    He led his calvary to Gettysburg.
  15. Why were John Reynolds and his troops so important on the morning of July 1?
    He was leading infantry troops to Gettysburg.
  16. What happened on the first day of battle in this chapter?
    Union army fired cannons, so the Confederates attacked. Buford rides back and forth directing troops. Confederates outnumbered the Union. Confederates attack in crowds. Reynolds comes with infantry, but is killed. Burford rides to scout the hills and make sure Confederates aren't moving in.
  17. Why was Heth so confused when he met Lee?
    Heth moved into Gettysburg thinking he would be fighting a milita and discovered he was fighting Burford's dismantled army.
  18. What orders did Lee send to Ewell on the afternoon of July 1? Why were they so important?
    To take the hill if at all possible and ordered the artillery to fire on the hill. If they capture the hill, they have a good look at the battlefield.
  19. From where does the book derive its title, The Killer Angels?
    Shakesphere's Hamlet, "In action, how like an angel." Chamberlain's father said, "Well boy, if he's an angel, he's sure a murderin' angel." Chamberlain gave a speech called, "Man, the Killer Angel."
  20. What gruesome memory did Chamberlain recall from the battle that took place at Fredericksburg?
    The piling up of corpses that people used to shield bullets.
  21. What did Longstreet discover as he returned to Cashtown?
    Several bodies piled up on each other.
  22. What did Longstreet mean when he said that Garnett would have to die?
    General Stonewall tried to have Garnett court martialed because he withdrew from Union troops. General Stonewall was killed, so he was cleared, but honor was questionable.
  23. Why did Ewell fail to take Cemetery Hill on the first day of the battle?
    They were waiting for many reasons.
  24. What was the response of Ewell and Early to Longsteet's proposed plan of attack?
    Ewell wantes to attack the right flank of the Union army and they would draw enough Union troops to the South if Longstreet attacks at the left flank.
  25. What was General Trimble's opinion of Ewell?
    He was not a fan because he was irrated at him for not taking Cemetery Hill.
  26. Where did Burford go in this chapter?
    Returned to Cemetery Hill.
  27. What did he find upon arriving there?
    He found a small farmhouse filled with majors. He also found out that Howard is blaming him for the loss that day because his troops should've supported Howard's men on the right flank.
  28. What did Fremantle think would be the outcome of the battle?
    Confederate victory
  29. Why did Longstreet think that the Union army would not attack the Confederate army?
    Meade wouldn't attack and the Union forces are so fortified in their position they they would not want to move.
  30. What did Fremantle believe was the primary cause of the war?
    The class system.
  31. What did Chamberlain's men find on the morning of July 2?
    An escaped slave.
  32. What shocked Chamberlain about himself when he encountered a black man?
    He hardly seen any black men in his life and he feels disgust, which despite what he believes he should feel and it irks him.
  33. How does Tom describe the Rebel soldier's view of the cause of the war?
    They were fighting for their rights and not slavery.
  34. Explain why Chamberlain and Kilrain were each fighting in the war on the side of the Union.
    • Chamberlain - Race doesn't matter, no difference between people, they all have that "divine spark."
    • Kilrain - To prove that I am a better man than many.
  35. Why was Ewell reluctant to attack the Union's right flank on the morning of July 2?
    The Union forces are too concentrated on Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill, so if they attack at the left, they will withdraw some troops, so the Confederates can take the hills.
  36. Why did General Lee insist that an attack on July 2 on the Union forces must take place and that withdrawing from Gettysburg was not an option?
    They needed to concentrate all the forces on the hills in Gettysburg and Lee didn't want to fight, but it was forced upon him to.
  37. What problem did Longstreet's troops encounter when they attempted to march to their assigned position to attack the Union's left flank? What did Longstreet do to solve the problem? He blamed                 for his predicament.
    • Problem - If they marched any more on the road they were on, they the Union would see them.
    • Solution - He orders a countermarch that eats up valuable time.
    • Johnson
  38. When Union troops left Cemetery Ridge, where did they move?
    Peach orchard near Little Round Top
  39. Where did Hood request to move his troops? Why did Longstreet refuse his request?
    • To the right because if he stayed there, he would lose 1/2 his division.
    • Longstreet refused because he didn't want to change the orders that have already been set and not enough time to cut down the trees.
  40. On what kind of ground did Hood have to fight? Why did he fight under "protest"?
    • Boulders everywhere
    • Fought under protest because he wanted to move, but Longstreet refused his request.
  41. Where was the 20th Maine placed? Why was this position so important?
    • Southeastern side of Little Round Top.
    • This was the end of the Union line all the way to Gettysburg.
  42. What happened to each of the following during the defense of Little Round Top: Kilrain, Chamberlain, and Tom?
    • Kilrain - Shot and becomes weak.
    • Chamberlain - Shot at 2 times.
    • Tom - Survived without injury.
  43. What did Chamberlain order his men to do during the final Rebel charge on Little Round Top? Why was this necessary?
    • Ordered them to fix their bayonets to their rifles and charge down the hill "like a swinging door" to sweep the Confederate army away.
    • Necessary - Yes because they don't have enough ammo for another attack.
  44. What percentage of men did the Main Regiment lose?
    33% - Lost 100 and down to 200.
  45. What was Longstreet's response to all that had happened on July 2?
    He was very solemn about the day because he lost the battle and several people including Hood.
  46. Hood's officers blamed                   for the failed attack on the Union's left flank. How many men did Hood lose?
    • Longstreet
    • 8,000 men or 50%
  47. Who finally made his appearence on the evening of the second day of fighting?
    General Wilfield Hancock
  48. What vow did Lew Armistead make to Winfield Hancock?
    If he ever raised his hand against Hancock, then God may strike Armstead dead.
  49. Why did Lee fight for the Confederacy?
    Fought for his people, children and kin, and not even the land because the land wasn't worth the war.
  50. How did Lee deal with Jeb Stuart after he finally arrived at camp?
    Chastises him for joyriding and leaving him blind.
  51. What was Lee's strategy for the third day of the battle, and why did he choose it?
    Attack from the center of Cemetery Ridge and break the Union army into 2, then send calvary to the rear to finish the job.
  52. Lee decided to send                to attack the center of the Union line.
  53. Where were Chamberlain and his men moved?
    Right in the center line.
  54. What was Longstreet's response to Lee's battle plan for the third day?
    He refuses to move with Pickett's division in front because he lost 1/2 his men before like that.
  55. What did Longstreet think about as he waited for the assult on July 3?
    Thinking about wiping the Union lines out in 1 quick motion
  56. How many men did Longstreet have to make his attack? For what point will his men be aiming?
    • 3 Divisions
    • Aiming at the center of the Union line
  57. What was Pickett's reaction when he was told that his men would be sent into battle?
    He was excited.
  58. Longstreet delegated the responsibility to                  to decide when the attack would begin.
  59. What happened to Kilrain?
    He was killed.
  60. What did Chamberlain do when the Confederate artillery opened fire?
    He crawled around to get out of the fire, then he dies behind a stone wall and falls asleep.
  61. What upset Armistead on the morning of July 3 as he prepared for battle?
    Knowing that he is going to die and gave his wedding ring (late wife) to General Pickett to send to his girlfriend.
  62. Why did Garnett ride a horse during the charge? Why did Armistead wish the horse would be shot?
    • He injured his foot and hard to walk.
    • So Garnett would have to walk and preserve his honor.
  63. What was Garnett attempting to prove with his involvement in the upcoming battle? What was his fate?
    • He wanted to save his honor
    • Expects to die
  64. What was the fate of Armistead as he broke through the Union line? What did he say to the individual who assisted him?
    • He was going to die.
    • Send his regrets to General Hancock on the Union lines.
  65. What happened to Pickett's charge?
    As it unfolded, they needed more reinforcements, but Pickett sent in all his men and Longstreet orders his men to fall back.
  66. What was Lee's response to the failed attack?
    Lee knows that he failed.
  67. What did Lee tell Pickett when Pickett reappeared? What was Pickett's response?
    • Lee tells him to reform his division
    • Pickett said that he has no division left
  68. What was Chamberlain so perplexed about Confederate soldiers?
    He admires the fight that Confederates put up and they fought so hard for slavery. He also says that the dead men are all equal now, "in the sight of God."
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