Sensory Physiology 4

  1. Information Processing in V1
    • 1. Neurons are specialized to respong best to specific aspects of stimuli, such as orientation, movement and size.
    • 2. These specializations can be demonstrated physiologically, by recording from neurons
  2. Experiments of Hubel and Wiesel (V1 Physiology)
    • - Spots of light stimulate ganglion cells
    • - Spots of light do little to stimulate neurons in V1
    • -Sliding a slit of light across the visual field caused neurons to discharge
    • - They found that V1 neurons respond best to bar-like stimuli with specific orientations
  3. V1 Neurons
    Cortical neurons fire in response to specific features of the stimulus, such as orientation or direction of motion
  4. Dorsal Stream
    • Where or how pathway
    • Parietal cortex
    • Spatial analysis
    • Motion
    • Visual control of movement
  5. Ventral Stream
    • What pathway
    • Temporal Cortex
    • Object and Pattern Identification
  6. What are the parallel processing streams in visual cortex
    Dorsal and ventral streams
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Sensory Physiology 4
Sensory Physiology 4