Skin-Candisis Pediculus

  1. Candidiasis
    • Casued by Candida albicans, an ubuquitous fungus that produces most of the common human fungal infection
    • usually kept under control by the body's normal flora and ummune system, but can occur in healthy persons
    • True opportunities pathogens that can cause oral or genital infections
  2. Candidiasis - Diagnosis
    • Visual examinations
    • microscopic examination of scrapings or smears from skin, nails, oral or vaginal mucosa
    • cultures
  3. Types of Candidiasis
    • Systemic
    • Vaginal
    • Oral
    • Cutaneous
  4. Systemic Candidiasis
    • -Can occur in or following : immunocompromised individuals, malnutrition, uses of cerain mediccations such as glucocorticosteroids, anticancer drugs, antibiotics, birth control pills
    • -Medications- intravaneous antifungal agents, oral antifungal agents
  5. Vaginal Candidiasis
    • -Signs and Symptoms - a white cottage cheese like discharge from the vagina, burning,, puritis, erthema
    • -Medication - vaginal antifungal creams, oral anitfungal agents
  6. Oral candidiasis (thrush)
    • -Signs and symptoms - creamy white painful patchers on the tongue or side of the mouth
    • -Med - oral antifungal agents
  7. Cutaneous candidiasis
    • Causes infection in skin that usually receives little ventilation and is usually moist - diapers, rubber gloves
    • -Signs and symptoms - patches of red moist, weepy skin and pustules
    • -Prevention - keep addected skin clean and dry
    • -Medications - Antifungal creams, oral antifungals
  8. Pediculosis (louse infectation)
    • Exstremely common, affecting >12 million Americans yearly
    • Lice
    • Wingless, extoparasites (live outside the body) that feed on blood
    • Have claws on legs that are adapted for feeding and clinging to hair or clothing
    • spread by close physical contact
    • most neither dnagerous nor likely to spread diseases, but are highly contagious and downright annoying
    • may pave way for opportunitistic microorgansism
  9. Main sysmptoms of louse infections
    • Puritis (itching) - scratching skin may lead to wounds fro potentially oterh invading microorganisms
    • Diagnosis - requires findings live specimens of lice and or a viable nit
    • Treatment- periculicidal mediations, destroy or wash infection clothing in hot water
    • Prevention -Proper hygene, safe sex practice
  10. Three types of Lice
    • Pediulus humans capitis or head lice
    • Phthirus pubis or pubic lice
    • Pediculus humanus corporis or body lice
  11. Pediulus humans capitis or head lice
    • Common amoung school childern
    • adults head lice are difficult to see, but their nits (eggs) can be found on hair shafts
    • average life span is 30 days
    • female head louse lays about 10 eggs daily
    • females cannot survice for more than 3 days away from the human host
  12. Phthirus pubis or pubic lice
    • found in pubic hair of men and women
    • spread by sexual contact
    • avg lifespan is 35 days
    • female pubic louse lays 1-2 eggs daily
    • femails cannot survie for more than one day from the human host
  13. Pediculus humanus corporis or body lice
    • common amoung indigent, transient people
    • infestation prevented with proper grooming/hygene
    • does not live on the human body, lives in clothing on the body only to feed at night
    • prefer cooler tempatures
    • lifespans is 30 days
    • female body lice lay 10-15 eggs per day
    • eggs take 5-7 days to hatch over a temperature range of 23-39 degrees
    • females can survice as long as 10 days away from th human body without a blood meal
  14. Pediculus humanus corporis or body lice can spread
    • typhus- ricettsial(baterial disease spread by lice or fleas
    • Trench fever - clinical syndrome by bartonella quintanna first described during WWI, afffected 1 million soliders
    • relapsing fevers - accute febrile illness cause by sprochetes of the gernus borrelia, high fever spontanous abates and then recurs
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