Biology chapter 5

  1. Mitosis
    the seperation cycle in the cell cycle
  2. cell cycle
    the growth and divison of a cell
  3. centromere
    holds chromotids together
  4. prophase
    when chomosomes coil, spindle fibers form, and the nuclear membrane breaks down
  5. Metaphase
    chromosomes line up and spindle fibers attach
  6. Anaphase
    centromeres didvide, chromosomes move to oppisite ends of the cell
  7. Telophase
    two new nuclear membranes form, and the chromosomes uncoil
  8. cytokinesis
    cytoplasm pinches the cell in two to form two new cells
  9. G1
    gap one growth, cells spend most time in this phase
  10. G2
    Gap two growth and final checkpoint before mitiosis 
  11. S
    synthesis DNA is copied
  12. Interphase
    G1,S, and G2
  13. chromosome
    the DNA of a cell
  14. Cancer
    When cells divide more often the healthy cells
  15. Benign
    The cancer cells remained clustered
  16. Binary fission
    when DNA copies itself, and ends with two daughter cells
  17. Sexual reproduction
    uses more energy then asexual prodution, needs mates, only female can bear the child, takes time, increases genetic variation
  18. Asexual reproduction
    cost less energy the sexual reproduction, every asexual organism can bear child, can produce many off spring fast, all offspring are identical
  19. Stem cells
    potential to develop into differnt cells or tissues
  20. Tissue
    group of cells that work together to perform a similar function
  21. Organ system
    organs work together to maintain homeostasis
  22. Apoptosis
    Programed cell death
  23. Totipotent
    stem cell that can grow into any other cell type
  24. Budding
    A new organism forms from the parent
  25. Fragmentation
    parent organism splits into pieces and each piece can form into a new organism
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