Vocab Unit 4

  1. coerce
    • to force someone into doing something against his or her will by using undue pressure, threats, intimidation or physical violence
    • syn: hector, dragoon, browbeat, cow
  2. cogent
    • forceful and convincing, to the point
    • syn: apposite, pertinent, germane, apropos
    • ant: inane, frivolous, untenable
  3. cohere
    • hold or stick together, to fit together in an orderly whole
    • syn: coalesce
    • ant: come asunder
  4. collaborate
    • work together on some kind of joint project, cooperate with the enemy in some kind of treasonable activity
    • syn: collude, intrigue, quisling, fifth-columnist
  5. compatible
    • capable of use with some other model, capable of getting along with
    • syn: congruous
  6. complacent
    • overly self-satisfied, smug
    • ant: malcontent
    • phrases: to rest on one's laurels
  7. concise
    • saying a lot in a few words
    • syn: terse, succinct, laconic, pithy
    • ant: prolix, garrulous, loquacious
  8. condone
    • overlook or disregard an offense (implying forgiveness or acceptance)
    • ant: deprecate, decry, revile, castigate
  9. confrontation
    face-to-face encounter, usually suggesting a hostile or defiant attitude
  10. conjecture
    • conclusion based on inadequate evidence, a guess
    • syn: surmise
  11. connoisseur
    • someone with informed and discriminating judgement, especially in matters of art, literature or taste
    • syn: pundit, savant, maven, cognoscenti
    • ant: neophyte, greenhorn, tenderfoot, tyro, dilettante
  12. consensus
    • collective uniformity of opinion, general agreement
    • syn: concord, accord
    • ant: discord, dissidence
  13. construe
    to analyze, explain, interpret or understand
  14. consumnate
    • complete or perfect to the highest degree
    • syn: superlative, virtuoso
    • ant: mediocre
  15. copious
    • large number or quantity, full
    • ant: scanty, vacuous, barren
  16. corpulent
    • fat and bulky
    • syn: portly
    • ant: gaunt
  17. corroborate
    • confirm truth or accuracy
    • syn: substantiate
    • ant: confute, impugn, refute
  18. counsel
    • advice secured through consultation; an adviser (legal); advice or recommend as a course of action
    • syn: exhort, admonish, attorney
  19. credibility
    • ability to inspire belief or trust
    • syn: plausibility, dependability
  20. criterion
    • standard or principle on which to base judgement
    • syn: yardstick, touchstone, canon
  21. crucial
    • at a point that will determine the outcome, of supreme importance
    • phrase: crux of the matter
  22. culpable
    • at fault, blameworthy
    • syn: deliquent, peccant, censurable
    • ant: laudable, meritorious
  23. cursory
    • hasty and superficial
    • syn: perfunctory, slapdash
    • ant: meticulous
  24. curtail
    • shorten or reduce
    • syn: truncate, pare down, dock
    • ant: augment
  25. cynical
    • inclined to doubt or deny the virtuousness or honesty of human motives, sneeringly bitter or negative
    • syn: misanthropic, derisive, sardonic, acerbic
    • ant: sanguine, naive, idealistic
  26. dapper
    • neatly and stylishly dressed
    • syn: natty, spruce, chic
    • ant: unkempt, slovenly, seedy, frowsy, frumpy
  27. defect
    • flaw or shortcoming; to desert one's country or cause for another
    • syn: abjure, kink
  28. defer
    • put off or postpone; yield courteously to wishes/judgements of others
    • syn: put on ice
    • ant: spurn, disdain
  29. dejected
    • very low spirits
    • syn: blue, despondent, morose
    • ant: exultant
  30. delete
    • strike out or remove
    • syn: expunge, excise
  31. delineate
    • make an accurate line drawing or diagram of; to portray or describe in detail
    • syn: depict
  32. delinquent
    • neglect a duty or obligation, seriously overdue; an offender
    • syn: remiss, owing, scofflaw, malefactor
    • ant: punctilious, scrupulous, dutiful
    • phrase: in arrears
  33. delude
    • mislead or deceive
    • syn: dupe, gull, cozen, hoodwink, beguile
  34. demure
    • modest and reserved in dress, manner or behavior
    • syn: sedate, prim, decorous, seemly, staid, diffident, self-effacing
    • ant: jaunty, bumptious
    • phrase: wallflower
  35. denouement
    • point at which the plot of a novel/drama is resolved, outcome of a complex sequence of events
    • syn: unraveling
  36. desultory
    • shifting from one thing to another without reason; haphazard or random
    • syn: fitful, erractic, spasmodic
    • ant: steadfast
    • phrase: fits and starts
  37. deviate
    • to move away from (what is normal); person who differs based on what is normally acceptable
    • syn: heretic, veer
  38. devoid
    • empty, lacking in
    • syn: bereft of
    • ant: replete, fraught, saturated
  39. devout
    • deeply religious, earnest or sincere
    • syn: reverent, pious, zealous
    • ant: tepid, lukewarm
  40. dexterous
    • skillful in using one's mind or hands, clever
    • syn: adroit, adept, proficient
    • ant: gauche, inept, maladroit
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