Art History

  1. Name 5 events(not the dates) that occurred during the time of the renaissance but didn't have anything to do with the renaissance
    • 1-Marco Pole travels to China
    • 2-Invention of spectacles
    • 3-End of crusades
    • 4-Cortez conquers Aztecs
    • 5-Life of William Shakespeare
  2. What is the bride over the Arno River?
    Ponte Vecchio
  3. What does Renaissance mean?
    • a "rebirth" of culture--
    • art, literature, music, learning
  4. What is an epicenter and where was the epicenter of the renaissance movement?
    the center of something, or the starting point where the trend moves outwards.

    Florence, italy
  5. What is the theory regarding the origin of the Renaissance movement?
    "Ripple Effect"

    The Duke of Milan was conquering Italy and was defeated only by Florence. Florence="New Athens" MAintained independence, "New Athens"=monuments, works of art, education was a higher priority. SMART PEOPLE HAVE ART
  6. What is the word for "bridge" in Italian?
  7. what were the 3 eras of the Renaissance movement?
    • 1-Early Italian (1300s-1490)
    • 2-Northern European(1400-1570)
    • 3-High Italian(1480-middle 1600s)
  8. Early Italian characteristics?
    • *Paintings=realistic
    • *subjects are reminiscent of Greek Art
    • *Mythology=common subject matter
    • **Most art was created for royalty in Florence, and THE MEDICI FAMILY
  9. How is the Renaissance different then Gothic?
    • GOTHIC
    • -very clear who is holy
    • -man babies
    • -flatish
    • -cold

    • -realism
    • -warm
  10. What does "ponte" mean in English?
  11. what is linear perspective?
    creating the illusion of depth by having all lines converge on a single vanishing pointImage Upload 2
  12. what does ponte vecchio mean in english?
    old bridge
  13. what bridge is over the arno river?
    ponte vecchio
  14. Where is the ponte vecchio over the arno river?
    florence, italy
    who were they?
    why were they significant?
    • -wealthy bankers
    • -had lots of $
    • -family member was once a pope(all power)
    • -they influences and commissioned many art pieces during this period
  16. know how to spell..
  17. visual perspective
    overlapping shapes and making distant objects smaller to allow depthImage Upload 4
  18. sfumato
    showing depth by softening lines and making distant objects dimmer, hazier or paler, lack of outline provides a smoky appearanceImage Upload 6
  19. chiaroscuro
    • means "light-dark"
    • using light and shadow to show weight, substance, and bulk; a sharp contrast between light/dark figures look more round and 3-d
    • Image Upload 8
  20. Fresco
    • a painting done on wet plaster, the paint soaks in creating a nearly permanent finish
    • Image Upload 10
  21. renaissance triangle
    • Image Upload 12
    • a way of setting up a painting or picture where all of the subject matters are arranged in a way that they look like a triangle
  22. renaissance tondo
    • Image Upload 14
    • a way of setting up a painting or a picture so that all of the main subject matters are arranged in a way that it looks like a circle(circular-blobbish)
  23. GIOTTO
    How was he discovered?
    he was sitting in a field being bored, saw a rock as a flat surface with some shale to make art with. cimabue discovered him and gave him an apprenticeship
  24. GIOTTO
    general info?
    • -born florence
    • -child prodigy
    • -father of european painting
    • -could paint a perfect circle by freehand, without the help of any instruments
    what up with the church doors?
    there was a contest to see who would design the doors for the baptistery of the church of giovanni in florence and he won. was commissioned to design. all of them are made out of gold and are scenes from the bible. michelangelo named them "GATES OF PARADISE"
    general info?
    • -born in florence
    • -trains as goldsmith
    • -won the rights to design first piece commissioned art piece in a contest
    general info
    • -born florence
    • -learns metal working from ghiberti
    • -many in shop consider him hard to work with
    • -his style had a huge impact on michelangelo(learned depth)
    • -he was annoying at best
    • -very talented
    • -apprentice to ghiberti
    • -works with bronze(not gold)
    general info?
    • -born florence
    • -medici commissioned a LOT
    • -mythological/religious scenes
    • -wall frescos in sistine chapel
    • -botticelli is his nickname. means little barrel. his brother made it up because he was mean and botticelli was kinda fat
  29. Image Upload 16
    adoration of the magi

    • botticelli painted. he is in the right hand lower corner
    • cosimo medici was in this painting
  30. Image Upload 18

    • subject-greek mythology
    • gods(right to left)
    • zepher, flora, aphrodite(center), cupid(center above), mercury/hermes on left. 3 fates also
  31. Image Upload 20
    the birth of venus

    • amerigo vespucci's cousin posed
    • painting for medici
    • botticelli's most famous piece
    • zepher and flora are in painting

    • gods fought, bled in ocean. seafoam created venus
  32. what is a magi
    the 3 kings/wiseman
  33. what is a ghent altarpiece?
    portable prayer area
  34. van EYCK
    general info?
    • -VERY steady hand
    • -born NETHERLANDS
    • -serves as court painter for john of bavaria, a count
    • serves as court painter and valet for duke phillip the good of burgundy
    • also works as a secret agent for duke
  35. Image Upload 22
    • the arnolfini marriage
    • by van eyck
    • dog-loyalty/faithfulness
    • shoes-sacred and holy(take off)
    • light/candle-godly(one candle-prescence of god)
    • red-beyond religious, romantic
    • fruit-oranges or apples?oranges=fidelity; apples=temptation
    • mirror-whole image in mirror. 4 people in mirror, can see flowers out of the window through the mirror
  36. DURER
    general info?
    • -born nuremberg, germany
    • -child prodigy
    • -nicknamed leo of the north
    • -narcissistic; painted himself as jesus
    • -always signed as turer not durer
    • -becomes paranoid later in life because he felt everyone was jealous of him and wanted to kill him
  37. Image Upload 24
    • saint michael's fight against the dragon

    albrecht durer/turer
  38. Image Upload 26
    • self portrait at 28
    • albrecht durer/turer
    • painted himself as jesus
    • jesus gesture
    • painted the reflection of himself painting the painting in his eye
  39. Image Upload 28
    • adam and eve
    • albrecht durer/turer

    wood cut
  40. Characteristics of art from northern european renasisance
    • -less attention is focused on anatomy and perspective, artists are more interested in technique and detail. not as much nudity
    • area of focus-germany, france, flanders(modern day belgium), the netherlands, and england
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