Gov Final 2

  1. Your Instructor in his first Congressional Internship was given a task related to public opinion gathering. Describe the task and if possible name the Congressman it was with.
    The task was to determine voters preferences based on previous election results. The Congressman was Newton Steers
  2. Identify a power that the State Legislature in Tallahassee and the U.S. Congress have in common
    The power is impeachment
  3. Before the State Capital was created in Tallahassee in which two Northern Florida cities did lawmakers use to meet?
    Jacksonville and Pensacola
  4. Following the year 2000 elections from what number to what number did the State Cabinet in Tallahassee go to? If any of you give the names and titles of the remaining members you will get 2 additional points.
    It went from 7 to the current 3 members. They are 1)Attorney General Bill McCollum, 2)Chief Financial Officer CFO Alex Sink, 3)Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson
  5. Despite the crisis of confidence in leadership under Presidents Johnson and Nixon what view did Americans continue to hold regarding the presidency?
    That the President can still solve all national problems)
  6. What is the percentage of the White House Staff devoted to managing the media?
  7. Abraham Lincoln in winning the presidency in 1860 with 45% of the vote in a 4 person field can be called what type of President?
    Minority President.
  8. Abraham Lincoln and FDR can be called what types of Presidents--in terms of their power.
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