1. Cito fit quod dii volunt
    What the gods want happens soon
  2. Colubra restem non parit
    A snake does not give birth to a rope
  3. Coriens ingenuo suo flexi
    Natural curls
  4. Curiosa felicitas
    Paistaking felicity (of style)
  5. Hic spinas collegit, ille rosa
    One man collects roses, another thorns
  6. Homines sumus, no dei
    We are men, not gods
  7. Ibiit ad pluras
    He has joined the great majority
  8. I
  9. In angustiis amici apparent
    A friend in need is a friend in deed
  10. Litterarum esse, quos odisse divites solent
    A man of letters, of the kind that rich men hate
  11. Manus manum lavat
    The hand washes the hand
  12. Mendacium in damnum potens
    A falsehood powerful in working injury
  13. Mundus universus exercet histrionem
    The whole world cultivates (the art of) the actor
  14. Olia male fervet
    The pot boils badly; Things do not go favorably
  15. Primus in orbe Deos fecti timor
    Fear fiest made gods in the world
  16. Scimus te prae litteras fatuum esse
    We know that you are mad with learning
  17. Serva me, servabo te
    Guard me, I'll guard you
  18. Tum excidit omnis constatia
    Then all our endurance failed
  19. Ubique excidit omnis constantia
    Then all ourendurance failed
  20. Cave canem
    Beware the dog
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