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  1. Congress is a ------------legislature with ---------members.
    Bicameral, 535.
  2. Before Congress can send a bill to the President’s desk to be signed or vetoed the language of the bill must be
  3. The process by which the House acts as Grand Jury and the Senate as a Judge if the President, a Supreme Court Justice or Federal Judge commits treason, bribery and other high crimes or misdemeanors is known as --------------
  4. )The highest ranking or most powerful person in the House of Representatives is the
  5. The ------------ -----------is subordinate to the Speaker of the House
    Majority Leader.
  6. The individual in an election who holds the office they are running for is known as the
  7. The direct assistance that members of Congress give to individuals and groups within a district or state is called
  8. The type of representation by which representatives are elected to do the bidding of the people who elected them is called the
    Delegate model of representation.
  9. The type of representation by which representatives are elected to do what they think is best for their constituents is called the
    Trustee model of representation.
  10. A problem that arises when individuals’ incentives lead them to avoid taking actions that are best for the group as a whole, and that they themselves would like to see accomplished is called
    Collective action problem.
  11. Permanent committees with well-defined policy jurisdictions, that develop, write and update important legislation are called a
    Standing committee.
  12. Temporary committees that are created to serve a specific purpose are known as
    Select committees.
  13. Committees made up of members of both chambers of Congress to conduct special investigations or studies are called
    Joint committees.
  14. Smaller organizational units within a committee that specialize in particular segments of the committee’s responsibilities are called
  15. The length of time a legislator has served in office is called
  16. The gathering of all Democratic members of the House or Senate is known as the
    Party caucus.
  17. The gathering of all Republican members of the House or Senate is called the
    Party conference.
  18. The individual who speaks on behalf of the party that controls the smaller number of seats in each chamber is the
    Minority leader.
  19. Designated members of Congress who deliver messages from the party leaders, keep track of members’ votes, and encourage members to stand together on key issues are the
  20. The member of Congress who introduces a bill is the
  21. The process by which the members of a committee or subcommittee rewrite, delete, and add portions of a bill is the
  22. The terms and conditions applied to a particular bill that allow members of Congress to make a wide range of amendments To it is called a(n
    Open rule.
  23. The terms and conditions applied to a particular bill that restrict the types of amendments that can be made to it is called a(n)
    Closed rule.
  24. A mechanism by which 60 or more Senators can end a filibuster and cut off debate is called
  25. A committee made up of members of both chambers that is responsible for ironing out the differences between House and Senate versions of a bill is a
    Conference committee.
  26. The president’s rejection of a bill passed by both chamber of Congress which prevents the bill from becoming law is a ---------
  27. The power to decide whether a particular proposal or policy change will be considered is known as
    Gate-keeping authority.
  28. A condition of a law that requires it to be re-authorized after a certain number of years is called
    Sunset provision
  29. The granting of legal authority to operate federal programs and agencies is called
  30. The granting of funds to operate authorized federal programs and agencies is called
  31. Federal funds that support specific local projects are called -----------
  32. Funds used to keep programs up and running when regular appropriations have not been approved by the end of the fiscal year is called a
    Continuing resolution.
  33. The process by which Congress and the President can provide temporary funding for government activities and programs when funds fall short due to unforeseen circumstances is called
    Supplemental appropriations.
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