microbiology unit 3 exam

  1. Archaea's chromosome stucture and cell wall structure
    single circular chromosome. Cell wall-Variable composition; no peptidoglycan.
  2. Archaean's exhibit....
    large metabolic and ecological diversity.
  3. Achaeans inhibit....
    all potential habitats.
  4. What do crenarchaeota's use for their electron sources for ETC or as final acceptor.?
  5. Crenarchaeota are common in what type of environments?
    Non-extreme environments.
  6. What is the largest group of identified arachaens?
    Methanogens (Euryarchaeota)
  7. What do Methanogens (Euryarchaeota) generate?
    Methane(CH4) from ATP generating process.
  8. What type of environment does Methanogens (Euryarchaeota) require?
    anaerobic environments
  9. What are halobacteria? (Euryarchaeota)
    Extreme halophiles
  10. What type of respiration does halobacteria use? What type of "troph" are they? And what do they require?
    aerobic. They are chemoheterotrophs. And require high NaCl
  11. What are thermophilic and hyperthermophilic species? (Euryarchaeota) And what do they reduce? 
    Chemoorganotrophs. Reduce various sulfur compounds. 
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