deWit Ch 2

  1. What is "Health"?
    A relative state in which one is able to function well physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.
  2. What is Chronic?
    Persisting for a long time.
  3. What is disease?
    A pathologic process with a definate set of signs and symptoms; disease causes illness.
  4. What is acute illness?
    One that developes suddenly and resolves in a short time.
  5. What is terminal illness?
    One for which there is no cure available; it ends in death.
  6. What is a primary illness?
    One that developes without being caused by another health problem.
  7. What is a secondary illness?
    Results from or is caused by a primary illness. Peripheral Vascular Disease resulting from diabetes is an example of a secondary illness and occurs because of the effect diabetes has on the blood vesels.
  8. List the three stages of illness.
    • 1. Transition (onset)
    • 2. Acceptance (sick role)
    • 3. Convalescence (recovery)
  9. What is convalesence?
    The process of recovering after an illness.
  10. Explain adaptation recovery
    When full recovery is not possible due to new limitations such as using a prosthesis (artificial body part).
  11. What is maladaptation?
    Lack of adjustment
  12. What is asymptomatic?
    without symptoms
  13. Explain health behavior
    Any action undertaken in order to promote health, prevent disease or detect disease in an early asymptomatic stage.
  14. Explain illness behavior
    Any activity a person takes to determine their actual state of health and to seek a suitable remedy for a health problem.
  15. Explain the holistic approach to caring for the sick
    One that considers the biologic, psychological, sociologic and spiritual aspects and needs of the person.
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