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  1. Who of the following listed below is legally responsible for hiring and dismissing teachers in the school districts in Oklahoma?
    The local school district superintendent does the hiring/dismissing of the teachers BUT the state is legally responsible.
  2. What type of power do state boards of education have?
    • They are responsible for:
    • Formulating/determining educational policy and are appointed by the governor but they are sometimes chosen in a statewide election (as in Oklahoma)
    • Local district (parish, etc.)
    • Uphold the state laws and constitution, otherwise sets the local requirements for all aspects of the district—from budgets to curriculum to personnel and students.
  3. How are local board members chosen in Oklahoma?
    They are elected by the people of Oklahoma
  4. What is currently the primary source of local revenue for schools in the majority of states?
    State property tax
  5. What is the main advantage of using the property tax for school funding?
    It’s stable and provides a steady and regular income
  6. An example of a progressive tax is?
    Income tax
  7. An example of a regressive tax is?
    Sales tax
  8. Requiring schools to devise ways of relating expenditures for education to educational results is called?
  9. Which of the following terms best describes the primary role of state legislators with regard to state education?
    Makes laws/statutes whereby the state is governed—policy makers
  10. The decision of which court in the United States is final and cannot be appealed?
    U.S. Supreme Court
  11. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or the people…” is part of which amendment?
    10th amendment
  12. Which amendment ensures freedom of speech, religion and press and the right to petition?
    1st amendment
  13. In what way does the Fourteenth Amendment apply to education?
    Civil rights of the individual protected/including “property” rights
  14. The Lemon Test asks for answers to three questions in regard to public funds used for private schools: Did the policy...
    • have a secular purpose of the funds?
    • have a primary secular effect for welfare of student?
    • avoid excessive government entanglement of public funds for promotion of private purposes (with religion)?
  15. Benefits to children in parochial schools with no benefit to the school or to a religious establishment is known as?
    • Child Benefit Theory
    • National School Lunch Act
  16. What famous ruling struck down the separate but equal doctrine of 1896?
    Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education
  17. What is the use of public tax monies used for private school choice by parents called?
    School vouchers
  18. The Civil Rights Act states that no person may be excluded from participation due to what?
    Discrimination based upon race or origin
  19. AIDS as a disability is covered under the umbrella of which federal act?
    ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  20. Most court cases involving K-12 teachers based upon the 14th Amendment evolve from what?
    Liberty or property interests/rights
  21. What is the primary purpose of teacher certification?
    Make certain there are competent/qualified teachers in the classroom—teacher certification is a property interest that cannot be revoked without cause/states have different statutes—relates to 14th amendment.
  22. What is the legal status of academic freedom for K-12 teachers?
    Controls what one will teach without fear of penalty—courts strongly support academics—freedom is not general recognized for elementary/secondary teachers
  23. Due process is partially based upon?
    Following procedures for protecting individual rights (student rights)
  24. What does in loco parentis mean?
    School has a right to act as a parent substitute
  25. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on and resolved the issue of corporal punishment. It established that corporal punishment may be authorized by?
    State constitutions
  26. What does the Buckley Amendment (FERPA) require?
    Parents have access to all records/informs them of their rights…parental permission required before disclosure of information to outside sources—right of student after age 18 to privacy of records.
  27. What is the current status of issues regarding institutional control over student publications?
    Not fully resolved: Purpose of publications is academic experience (disruption/interference in school by publication will go in favor of the school/reasonable reporting supported under free expression rights)
  28. The State Department of Education in Oklahoma is responsible for what?
    Regulatory and educational assistance—Oklahoma centralized curriculum (PASS)
  29. The Nation at Risk report led to what?
    No Child Left Behind: reform/criticism of public school system—led to state test for accountability
  30. What is the average amount of federal aid to most local school budgets?
    6-9% of educational costs
  31. Oklahoma is known for what exceptional program?
    Vocational-Career Technology
  32. Pierce versus Society of Sisters affirmed the right of the state to what?
    Freedom of nonpublic schools to be established…State has some controls regarding health etc.
  33. Title IX protects employees against what?
    Sex discrimination/harassment
  34. The controversial civil rights issue in schools today relates to what?
  35. School districts are prohibited from the use of discriminatory practices in what way(s)?
    Hiring, Dismissal, Promotion, or Demotion of school personnel
  36. What does negligence involve?
    Failure to exercise due care and reasonable foresightedness (Negligent if he/she fails to maintain a safe educational environment)
  37. What ruling have the courts made on dress codes?
    Lower court rulings have sometimes been in favor of the student but also have been in favor of the school officials—based upon disruption of learning and/or safety.
  38. What legal responsibility do teachers have regarding child abuse and/or neglect?
    Report suspected cases
  39. Does tenure or career status guarantee a job for a teacher?
    No, it doesn’t guarantee but it’s intended to provide job security in order to not be dismissed on a “whim”—dismissal procedures are specific in state statutes.
  40. How can Boards of Education violate due process?
    Search and Seizure?
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