1. 1948?
    Columbia falls into a terrible civil war ( La Violencia).
  2. 1953?
    Millitary dictatorship begins.
  3. 1957?
    Millitary isn't in charge anymore.
  4. 1982?
    Betancur is running for president.
  5. 1962?
    Betancur was senator, interamerica development bank has to spend money.
  6. 1996?
    March is current day in the book.
  7. Belisario Betancur?
    A past president of columbia.
  8. Paolo Lugari?
    Founder of Gaviotas.
  9. Savannah?
    A noun meaning desert.
  10. Juanita Eslava?
    Music student, singer.
  11. Dr. Gustavo Yepes?
    Director of music department.
  12. Luisa Fernanda Ospina?
    Bacteriologist in charge of quality control at resin factory.
  13. Gonzalo Bernal?
    Community coordinator.
  14. Narcotics?
  15. Guerrila?
  16. Narcotics?
    a adjective meaning illegal drugs.
  17. Guerrila?
    a adjective meaning rebel
  18. Hectares?
    A noun meaning 2.5 acres.
  19. Utopia?
    A noun meaning no place.
  20. Utopia?
    A noun meaning place.
  21. Sterile?
    A adjective meaning unable to produce.
  22. Acoustics?
    A noun meaning echo.
  23. 1995?
    Yepe sees Gaviotas for the first time, 6 million trees around Gaviotas.
  24. 1970?
    Early Gaviotans moved to Gaviotas from Bogota.
  25. 1970-1980?
    Technical inventions at Gaviotas.
  26. 1957 (part 2)?
    the truce that ended La Violencia.
  27. 1984?
    guerrila soliders laid down their weapons, club of Rome visits Gaviotas.
  28. 1996 (part 2)?
    President admin= drugs and jails. They are in jail.
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