American Gov 8&9

  1. Political Socialization
    • process by which voters gain their political attitudes. 
    • Socialogical (age, race)
    • Psychological (family)
  2. Opinion Leader
    someone who carries more influence
  3. Public Opinion 
    What influences us (parents, media, education)
  4. 5 steps to scientific voting
    • define universe
    • get good randome sample
    • prepare valid questions
    • select polling process
    • report findings
  5. 4 ways to discover public opinion
    Elections, interest groups, personal contact, opinion polls
  6. 3 ways interest groups differ from political parties
    • Nominations- party tries to win the office. Interest groups tries to influence whoever wins
    • Primary Interst- party wants to win elections to control government. Interest groups influence both
    • Scope of Interest-parties entitle public policy. Interest groups 1 thing. 
  7. Interest groups are also called
    pressure groups 
  8. 4 types of interest groups
    • Business groups
    • labor groups
    • Agricultural groups
    • Professional groups 
  9. What interst groups do
    • Influence public opinion
    • Work to effect outcome of election
    • Lobby those officials that make a policy
  10. Straw Poll
    questioning a large number of random people
  11. lobbyist
    people in interst group that pressure legislators into what they want for the public policy
  12. Union
    organization of those who share the type of job or who work in the same industry. 
  13. grass roots
    from the common people, the average voters
  14. propaganda
    media used to influence others 
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