Huck Finn

  1. bildungsroman
    a "coming of age" novel dwelling with young character's transition from childhood to adulthood; a novel of education(real-world exp.); the exchange of innocence for expierence
  2. How does bildungsroman connect to Huck Finn?
    Through the experience of escaping with Jim, Huck formulates a better sense of what he would want to do than what the "sivilized" society what him to do. He learns to face people like the duke and the king in relation to Pap and also exchanges the things the widow has taught him for going out to the west to avoid society.
  3. picaresque
    an episodic style of fiction that deals with the adventure of a rough, lower class, and dishonest hero- who appeals to the reader through his/her use of wit and his/her ability to navigate through a rough society
  4. How does picaresque connect to Huck Finn? 
    Huck Finn is written in a way in which Twain shows important things that happend along the adventure down the river. The book is cut into chapter which shows different events which Huck expierences. 
  5. Satire
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to criticize a negative aspect of human behavior; has a connection to the world outside the novel
  6. How does satire connect to HF?
    One scene of satire is where the  king waltzes into a congregation, asking for money to help pirates. But we can comment on how charity can be easily decieved from religious people, that one  spark of need is all the is needed to sway a good person to give up their money. 
  7. Central Conflict 
    It is the fight between sound heart and deformed conscience. Throughtout the story, Huck is trying to find out if he is doing the right thing or is his actions will lead him to hell. His mind and heart are torn apart because of the "sivilizing" in which his school, Mrs. Watson, and Widow Douglass, teaching Huck the wrong things between the right things. From what was taught to him, he feels he is always doing the evil because of what his society taught him. Huck thinks that these things that he continues to act out are BAD things, but he feels that it isn't the right thing , deluding himself that he is a BAD person himself..  
  8. irony
    descrepency b/t what is siad/written and what is meant or b/t expectation and outcome to create an additional layer of meaning 
  9. dialect 
    pattern of speech specific to a particular region and/or group of people-represented on the page in the way it sounds not the dictionary spelling 
  10. sivilize
    make someone conformed to societies use, idea of what's best/right/proper
  11. Religion vs. Superstition
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