GCSE Geography

  1. the inner city has some of the most
    cheapest and least desirable hosuing to be found in towns/cities . this means it can be popular with groups of people with low incomes e.g students , unemployed people or immigrants 
  2. immigrant 
    a person who has chosen to move to and live in a country that is different to their country of birth 
  3. immigrants can often be from a different
    etnic group from the usual ones of their new country
  4. etnic group =
    people sharing a commin distincive racial , national , religious , lingustic or cultural hertiage 
  5. what can be problematic for immigrants 
    social integration
  6. social integration = 
    minority groups (eg. enthnic minorities and underprivileged sections of society) feeling part of mainstream society and being able to join in with the usual way of living in country
  7. people of the same ethnic groups often tend to 
    live near each other in certain parts of towns/cities (usually the inner city) . this can lead to ethnic pockets or ghettoes , where one ethnic group dominates anfd English may not be the first langauge 
  8. a ghetto =
     a usually poor section of a city inhabiated primarily by people of the same race , religion or social background 
  9. there are several reasons as to why people of the same ethnic group choose to live near one another :
    • near to people speaking the same first language - so can easily recieve help and support from each other 
    • near to people of the same race - so will feel safer and more secure from potential racist threats 
    • near to people with the same tatse and lifestyles - so their needs and wants are provided for by other immigrants in the same area for example there may be ethnic food shops , religious centres or community centres 
    • friends and family may be in the area - this will give them further help and support
  10. the government and city councils are keen to offer 
    support to ethnic groups in order to help with social integration 
  11. they provide english classes 
    for free - immigrants who can speak better English are more likely to get a job 
  12. they develop ethnic areas as tourist attractions 
    immigrants can carry on with their traditional way of life and earn money from visitors who come to eat the food , see the sights or visit the buildings

    e.g. china town in Manchester and London CBD or the curry mile in the Rusholme area of Manchester 
  13. they encourage ethnic mix 
    the more people of all cultures and different ethnic groups live together , the less likely there is to be racial tension and/or discrimination 
  14. they encourage people to set up their own businesses 
    the more immigrants are able to enjoy a better standard of living from profits of their own business the less likelihood of them being left out of society on the grounds of being poor 
  15. they encourage organising/promoting 
    cultural activities such as dance/festival days or food/cultural festivals or diversity fairs 

    and facilities to be built to help immigrants settle/feel wanted/not hidden away/isolated 
  16. Manchester has an 
    ethnic diversity fair 
  17. the ethnic diversity fair is 
    an information and jobs fair aimed at black and Asian university students and graduates . It links students and graduates with employers who value developing diverse wprkforce and are therefor keen to promote their opportunities 
  18. the Manchester diversity fair is a great opportunity to make
    personal contact with representatives from around 25 organisations in a range of professional areas , all of which are committed to developing a diverse workforce 
  19. exhirbitors at the Manchester fair recognise that
    valuing cultural diversity is importnat for businees 
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