Face of War

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  1. appall (uh-PAWL)
    • verb; to shock with horror or fear
    • example: Mom was appalled by the sight of chocolate dripping from pretty much every surface
    • in the kitchen. (My brownie-making session with Dad got a bit out of control.)
  2. debilitate (dih-BIL-ih-tayt)
    • verb; to reduce the strength of; to weaken
    • example: Jessica was debilitated by the flu; she was in bed for two weeks.
  3. deploy (dih-PLOY)
    • verb; to move, spread out, or place in position for some purpose;
    • deployment is the noun form of deploy.
    • example: It was difficult for my family when my brother was deployed to Afghanistan.
  4. engulf (en-GUHLF)
    • verb; to flow over and cover or swallow up completely
    • example: The waves engulfed the small boat, and it disappeared from sight.
  5. indignity (in-DIG-ni-tee)
    • noun; an injury to a person’s dignity or self-respect
    • example: “Losing to anyone is bad,” groaned Jacob, “but losing to Roryville is an indignity!
    • They’re the worst team in the league.”
  6. philanthropist (fi-LAN-thruh-pist)
    • noun; a person who helps others by giving time or money
    • to causes and charities
    • example: Kassie is a philanthropist. Last month she organized a coat drive in her neighborhood
    • and collected more than one hundred coats to donate.
  7. recluse (REK-loos)
    • noun; a person who lives alone, away from society
    • example: Rachel’s uncle is a bit of a recluse; it’s hard to persuade him to come down from the
    • cabin in the mountains where he lives by himself.
  8. skeptical (SKEP-ti-kuhl)
    • adjective; having or showing doubt
    • example: We told TJ he would do great in the writing competition, but he was skeptical. He
    • doesn’t realize what a talented writer he is.
  9. steel (steel)
    • verb; to prepare oneself by becoming determined and hard, like steel (the metal)
    • example: Camille steeled herself before looking at her new haircut in the mirror.
  10. taunt (tawnt)
    • verb; to provoke or challenge in a mocking or insulting manner
    • example: My friends taunted me for weeks after my mom showed them my baby pictures.
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