Unit 4 - six bones of the head

  1. Six bones of the head
    • Ethmoid bone
    • Frontal bone
    • Parietal bone
    • Occipital bone
    • Temporal bone
    • Sphenoid bone
  2. Ethmoid bone
    • unpaired, in the center of skull, under and between the orbits
    • shaped like a hollow box
    • fits between the roof of the orbits
  3. Cribiform plate
    roof of the ethmoid bone that has holes
  4. Superior and medial nasal conchae
    shell-shaped internal surfaces of the lateral walls
  5. Frontal bone
    • unapaired
    • forms anterior surface of cranium and the roof of the orbits
  6. Parietal bones
    two large curved rectangular bones forming the sides and top of skull
  7. Occipital bone
    • unpaired
    • forms back and lower skull
    • articulates with cervical vertebral #1
  8. Foramen magnum
    large hole in the base of the occipital bone for the spinal cord
  9. Temporal bones
    • paired
    • forms lateral base of skull
  10. Five parts of the Temporal bones
    • squamous portion
    • mastoid process
    • petrous portion
    • tympanic portion
    • styloid process
  11. Squamous portion of the temporal bone
    with the thin anterior projection is also known as the zygomatic process
  12. Mastoid process of the temporal bones
    very porous and often considered as a sinus
  13. Petrous portion of the temporal bone
    housing the middle and inner ears
  14. Tympanic portion of the temporal bone
    forms part of the external auditory meatus
  15. Styloid process of the temporal bone
    tooth-like downward projections
  16. Sphenoid bone
    • large, unpaired
    • described as shaped like a bat
    • has two greater wings and two lesser wings
  17. Sella tursica of the sphenoid bone
    • located between the two greater wings and middle of the superior surface
    • houses the pituitary gland
  18. External pterygoid plates
    two outer legs of the sphenoid bone
  19. Internal pterygoid plates
    two inner legs of the sphenoid bone
  20. Hamulus
    A hook-like projection at the bottom of each internal pterygoid plate
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