Unit 4 - 8 bones of the face

  1. Eight bones of the face
    • Mandible
    • Maxilla
    • Nasal bones
    • Palatal bones
    • Zygomatic
    • Inferior nasal conchae
    • Vomer
  2. Mental symphysis
    where two halves join early in development
  3. Mental protuberance
    Fusion line diverges at its lower anterior end forming a triangular projection
  4. Mental foramen
    Two holes lateral to the mental tubercles
  5. Ramus
    Mandible extends upward laterally
  6. Coronoid process and Conyloid process
    two process on each side of the ramus
  7. Angle of the mandible
    where corpus turns into the ramus
  8. Alveolar process of the mandible
    where lwer teeth grow through and embedded in
  9. Mandibular foramen
    another set of holes on the inside surface of the ramus
  10. Oblique lines of the mandible
    two ridges on the corpus, extending diagonally upward and lateral from the mental tubercles
  11. Maxilla
    • fuses early in development
    • forms the roof of mouth and floor of the nasal and orbital cavities
  12. Four processes of the maxilla
    • Nasal
    • Zygomatic
    • Palatine
    • Alveolar
  13. Anterior nasal spines
    two forward extensions on the anterior surface under the nose
  14. Infraorbital foramen
    two holes on the anterior surface under the eye socket
  15. Maxillary sinuses
    hollow inside surface of the maxilla
  16. Alveolar process
    major point of articulation for sounds like (t, d, n, l, s, z)
  17. Primary palate or premaxilla
    anterior, triangular section of the palatal process
  18. Incisive foramen
    one hole that forms when the palatal process blends together
  19. Nasal bones
    • two bones, side by side, forming the bridge of nose
    • on the midline, medial to the frontal processes of the maxilla
  20. Palatal bones
    • two L-shaped bones located and attached to the posterior border of the palatal process of maxilla
    • completes the floor of the orbit and nasal cavity/roof of mouth
  21. Posterior nasal spines
    • Posterior border of the palatal bone
    • Has two posterior projections on midline
  22. Perpendicular plates of the palatal bones
    vertical aspects of these L-shaped bones
  23. Lacrimal bones
    two tiny bones on the medial aspect of the orbit
  24. Zygomatic
    • two bones on the lateral surface of the face that join with the zygomatic process of the mexilla and temporal bone
    • cheek bone
  25. Inferior nasal conchae
    • two shell-shaped bones that form part of the lateral nasal wall forming side of nostrils
    • known as the inferior turbinates because of their shape
  26. Vomer
    • unpaired delicate bone that forms the bottom hald of nasal septum
    • the bony wall that separates two nostriles
    • anterior of nasal septum is cartilage
    • and posterior is the perpendicular plate of ethmoid
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