Unit 4 - Mandible

  1. Three ligaments that facilitate movement of the mandible
    • Temporomandibular ligament
    • Sphenomandibular ligament
    • Stylomandibular ligament
  2. Mandible moves up and down _____ times per second when talking or chewing
  3. TMJ Temporomandibular joint syndrome 
    People develop discomfort in temporomandibular joint
  4. Muscles that lower the mandible
    • Digastric
    • Mylohyoid
    • Geniohyoid
    • External pterygoid
  5. External pterygoid
    • Origin: lateral pterygoid plate and greater wing of the sphenoid bone
    • Insertion: condyle of mandible
    • Action: extends the jaw and helps lower it
  6. Muscles that lift the mandible
    • Masseter
    • Temporalis
    • Internal pterygoid
  7. Masseter
    • Origin: zygomatic arch
    • Insertion: all along the ramus of the mandible
  8. Temporalis
    • Origin: squamous portion of temporal bone
    • Insertion: anterior border of ramus of the mandible
  9. Internal pterygoid
    • Sometimes called the internal masseter because is path is similar to the masseter
    • Origin: lateral pterygoid plate and perpendicular plate of the palatine bone
    • Insertion: inner surface of ramus of the mandible
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Unit 4 - Mandible
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