Psych Chap 16

  1. Reaching out to others in a way that guides the next generation
  2. Midlife crisis
    Self doubt and stress which usually begins in the forties in where the individual reconstructs their personality and actions
  3. Possible Selves
    Future-oriented representations of what one hopes to become and what one is afraid of becoming
  4. Identification  with traditional gender roles is maintained during the active parenting years to help ensure the survival of children. Men become more goal oriented while women become more nuturing
    Parental Imperative Theory
  5. What are the Big Five Personality traits?
    • 1. Agreeable
    • 2. Conscientiousness
    • 3. Open to experience
    • 4. Neuroticism
    • 5. Extroversion
  6. A trend in which women who support themselves or their families have become the majority of the adult populaltion living in poverty, regardless of the gae or ethnic group
    Feminization of Poverty
  7. Gathering the family for celebrations and making sure everyone stays in touch
  8. A condition when long term job stress leads to mental exhaustion
  9. Women and ethnic minorities that face an invisble barrier for advancement up the corporate ladder
    Glass ceiling
  10. The burden of caring for aging parents and your children
    Sandwich generation
  11. Problem-Centered tactic
    Involves accessing many factors before arriving to a conclusion or decision. Ex...Husband may try to resolve an issue with his wife in good accord
  12. Emotion-Centered Tactic
    Involves making emotional/errational decisions by trying to resolve an issue by practicing methods that ignore the problem and/or makes the situation worst.

    Ex. Husband cheating on his wife to resolve an issue with his wife
  13. Self-Acceptance
    A stage reached by older adults in which they accept their limitation and things that they're unable to chane
  14. What are challenges faced for divorse in midlife
    Men have it easier

    Women have more difficulty finding another mate
  15. Which parent-children relationship is closer as the parents get older
    The mother-child relationship
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