Unit 4 - Extrinsic Muscles of the tongue

  1. Genioglossus
    • Origin: Posterior midline of mandible
    • Insertion: body of the tongue from root to tip and side to side
    • Action: depends on where the tongue is as it contracts (tongue out - pulls it in, tongue is up - pull it down toward midline of mandible)
  2. Styloglossus
    • Origin: styloid process of the temporal bone
    • Insertion: inferior longitudinal and hyglossus
    • Action: draws tongue up and back
  3. Hypoglossus
    • Origin: upper surface of the hyoid
    • Insertion: posterior half of tongue and continuous with glossopalatine
    • Action: retract and lower tongue
  4. Glossopalatine
    • Origin can pull insertion and vice versa
    • forms the anterior faucial pillar an archway in the back of mouth that separates oral and pharyngeal cavities
    • Origin: Anterior surface of soft palate
    • Insertion: side of the tongue blending with styloglossus and hyoglossus
    • Action: raise back of tongue or lower the soft palate
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Unit 4 - Extrinsic Muscles of the tongue
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