main points on FVRCP felv fiv fip chlam and rabies

  1. FVR- Feline viral rhinotracheitis main facts
    • urti
    • runs course in 5-10 days
    • incubation 3-5 days
    • live in enviroment 18 hours
    • inhalation, swallowing, fomites, oral nasal and ocular discharge.
    • sneezing, coughing, conjunctivitis, anorexia, pyrexia, hypersalivation
    • top 3 conjuntival smear under microscope
    • keep nose and eyes clear, antibiotics for 2 infection, i.v and subq fluids
    • core vaccine, 8-12-16 annual boosters admin subq
  2. C-Calicivirus
    • URTI
    • runs course 5-7 days
    • incubation 5-7 days
    • inhalation, swallowing, fomites, airborne, aerosol, nasal, ocular and oral discharge
    • similar to FVR but with ulcers on tongue, gingivitis, lethargy, dehydration, pyrexia, weightloss
    • top 3, ulcers on tongue and hard pallet of mouth
    • antibiotics for 2 infection, iv fluids, isolation
    • 8-12-16 annual subq
  3. P- Panleukopenia
    • enteric small intestine
    • shed for 6 weeks
    • in enviroment for 1 year
    • incubation 6 days
    • primary feces and bodily secretions
    • diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, pyrexia, unable to drink, vomiting
    • top 3, cbc for wbc
    • fluids, antibiotics, digestive ease drugs, keep warm, nutrient food
    • core 8-12-16 annual subq
  4. Chlam-Chlamydophilia felis
    • whole body, local and systemic infections of the upper respiratory tract
    • zoonotic
    • bacterial infections
    • saliva, blood, urine, feces and discharge. kittens through milk.
    • sneezing, ocular discharge, anorexia, pyrexia, lethargy, infections expressed through urti.
    • top 3, cultured in lab (results take up to a month)
    • topical and oral antibiotics, isolation, asceptic handeling, symptomatic care
    • non core 8-12 annual subq
  5. FeLV-Feline leukemia virus
    • immune system, virus held in bone causing infection
    • infected saliva, blood, urine, feces, ocular and nasal discharge
    • anemia, cancer, chronic infections, pyrexia, anorexia, swollen lymphnodes
    • top 3, snap test
    • antibiotics,and care for where infection actually is
    • no uniformed treatment
    • non core 12-16 annual admin subq or im left flank
  6. FIV- Feline immunodeficiency virus
    • similar to Felv, immune system affecting
    • incubation 4-6 weeks
    • similar to human HIV
    • infected saliva, outdoor cats (cat bites), fomites, in utero lactogenic
    • anemia,cancer, chronic disorders, systemic and digestive tract
    • pre disposed to (toxoplasmosis, hemobartonella, polyarthritis)
    • top 3, snap test and blood test sent to lab
    • nno specific treatment, symptamatic and low stress care.
    • non core 8-12-16 admin subq
  7. FIP- Feline infectious peritonitus
    • Meidated immune response to corona virus
    • 2 forms; wet and dry
    • infected oral and nasal resporitory secretions feces and urine. most common route oral nasal tract
    • survive in enviroment in dried form on fomites
    • lethargy, ascites, pain on palpation of abdomen,icterus, weight loss, dehydration, diarrhea.
    • top 3, blood test to obtain + or - but no definitive result
    • no vaccine
    • prognosis is poor just treat cats discomfort
  8. Rabies
    • two types;furious and dumb
    • affects CNS
    • incubation 14 days- months depending on location of bite to brain
    • trans through bite or infected saliva
    • send brain to lab in alberta
    • no treatment
    • core vaccine 12 annual 1-1-3 ┬áim into right flank
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