1. pettish
    fretful; peevish
  2. piebald
    of different colors; esp. spotted or blotched with black and white
  3. piscatorial
    dependent on fishing; also piscatory
  4. plenary
    [of power] complete; eg. crusaders were offered a plenary indulgence by the pope.

    fully attended by all qualified members eg. a plenary session of the European Parliament.
  5. pleonastic
    using more words than necessary
  6. poltroon
    a spiritless coward; craven
  7. potboiler
    a literary or artistic work of poor quality, produced quickly for profit
  8. prance
    to move about proudly and confidently

    eg. she pranced around the lounge impersonating her favorite pop stars.
  9. prig
    self-righteous person
  10. prissy
    annoyingly precise and fussy
  11. procrustean
    marked by arbitrary often ruthless disregard of individual diff. or special circumstances
  12. prognosticate
    to foretell from signs or symptoms; predict
  13. prorogue
    to suspend a legislative session; eg. James prorogued Parliament in 1685 and ruled without it.

    to postpone; adjourn
  14. puffery
    exaggerated commendation esp. for promotional purposes
  15. pullulate
    to breed or produce freely;

    to teem eg. the supertowers of our pullulating megalopolis.
  16. putative
    commonly accepted or supposed

    eg. the putative father of a boy of two.
  17. racketeer
    one who obtains money by an illegal enterprise usu. involving intimidation
  18. raillery
    good-natured ridicule; banter
  19. rapscallion
    rascal; rogue
  20. rejoin
    to say sharply or critically in response

    eg. Harry said that he longed for a bath and soft towels, to which his father rejoined that he was a gross materialist.
  21. remunerate
    to pay or compensate a person for; reward

    eg. they should be remunerated fairly for their work.
  22. rescript
    an authoritative order; decree
  23. riffle
    a small wave or succession of small waves
  24. rigmarole
    confused or meaningless talk
  25. roister
    to engage in boisterous merrymaking

    eg. workers from the refinery roistered in the bars.
  26. rollicking
    noisy and jolly
  27. ruck
    crease; wrinkle

    the multitude or mass eg. education was the key to success, a way out of the ruck.
  28. saccharine
    overly or sickishly sweet
  29. saliferous
    producing or containing salt
  30. missive
    letter; written statement

    eg. he hastily banged out electronic missives.
  31. mope
    v. to be gloomy and dispirited eg. no use moping—things could be worse.

    n. a person given to gloomy or dejected moods

    low spirits
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