Anatomy Sec 6 arthrology

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  1. What joints are synarthrosis joints?
    immovable joints (i.e. sutures, synchondroses)
  2. what joints are amphiarthroses joints?
    • slightly movable
    • -symphyses (fibrocartilage)
    • - IV joints
    • - syndesmosis (fibrous joint)
  3. What joints are diarthrosis joints?
    • freely movable
    • - humeroulner joint
    • - Synovial joint
  4. What is an example of a syndesmosis joint?
    anterior tibiofibular joint
  5. What is a synchondroses joint?
    bones connected by hyaline cartilage
  6. What is a symphysis joint?
    • joint connected by fibrocartilage
    • - IV disk
  7. In terms of movement, what type of joint is the synovial joint?
    Diarthroses (free moving)
  8. What are the basic structures of a synovial joint?
    • Synovial cavity¬†
    • freely moveable
    • articular cartilage
    • articular capsule
    • synovial membrane
  9. What are the accessory features of a synovial joint?
    • ligaments
    • discs or menisci
    • bursae
    • tendon sheaths
  10. Knee, elbow, ankle, interphalangeal joints are all what type of joint?
    • Uniaxial¬†
    • Hinge joint
  11. What is an example of a condyle joint?
    • oval projections fit into oval depression
    • -Atlanto-occipital joint
  12. What is an example of a saddle joint?
    trapexium of carpus and metacarpal of the thumb
  13. What is an example of a ball and socket joint?
    • shoulder
    • Hip
  14. What is an example of a pivit joint?
    Atlanto-axial joint
  15. How many bones form the elbow joint and what types of joints are they?
    • Three bones (ulna, humerus, radius)
    • Hinge and Pivot joints
  16. How many bones form the knee joint?
    • Tibia and femur
    • Tibiofemoral joint
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