Bio 40a

  1. Define Origin
    Origin is the point of attachment-it does not move when muscle shortens
  2. Define Insertion
    Insertion is the point of attachement- it moves towards the origin
  3. Define Body or Belly
    Body or Belly are the larger region of myscle between origin and insertion
  4. Define Flexion
    Flexion reduces angle of joints
  5. Define Extention
    Extension increases angle of joints
  6. Define abduction
    Abduction is Moving away from the body
  7. Define Adduction
    Adduction is bringing back to the body
  8. Define rotation
    Rotates bone around longitudinal axis, sucn as the neck, ankles, wrist, long axis of body
  9. Define Dorsiflexion
    Dorsiflexion is the movement towards the back, as in the foot moving upwards
  10. Define Plantar flexion
    Toes moving downwards toward the sole of foot
  11. Define flexor muscle
    decreases a joint angle
  12. Define Extensor muscle
    increases a joint angle
  13. Define Abductor muscle
    moves a bone away from the midline or away from body
  14. Define adductor muscle
    moves a bone closer to the midline of the body
  15. Define external oblique
    fibers run diagonally (at an agle) to the midline of the body
  16. Define Rectus Abdominis
    Fibers that run parallel to the midline
  17. Define Maximus
  18. Define tendon
    Connective tissue that connects muscle to bones
  19. Define ligament
    Connects bone to bone
  20. Define motor neuron
    A neuron that conveys impulses from the central nervous system to a muscle
  21. Define neuromuscular junction
    • A neuromuscular junction is a place in the body where nerves meet a muscle
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