Music 345 Unit 2

  1. Tabla
  2. tanpura
    stringed instrument which playes drone 
  3. raga
    • the road
    • what the soloist explores alone
    • theme
    • Initial exploration of a scale
    • ragam in the south 
    • meaning :"that which colurs the mind"
  4. alap/alapana
    usual raga opening
  5. wa-wa
    • excellent 
    • murured approval
  6. jor
    • slow winding down process after climatic high note
    • almost lazy pulse
  7. gat
    section where the percusion and soloist interact
  8. jhala
    climatic section
  9. varnum
    • opening piece
    • warm-up
  10. kritis
    Hindu hymns
  11. ragam-thanam-pallavi form 
    • opens with pure, unmeted melody (ragam is an other name of alapana) 
    • moves into thanam(jor equivalent)
    • finishes wtih pallavi theme, the heart of a composition whose vocied or unvoiced lyrics inform the performance
    • south
  12. tillana
    text of meaning less syllables often following ragma-thanam-pallavi
  13. javali
    erotic song from that may follow ragam-thanam-pallavi
  14. Hindustani
    North Indian 
  15. Karnatic
    South Indian
  16. Thaalm
    • Karnatic(South Indian) music 
    • boasts the most sophhisticated rhuthmic organisation on the planet
    • Hindustani equivalent is tala 
  17. Tala
    • Hindustani (North Indian) music
    • equivalent to tala
    • combines mathematical intellect with rugged muscularity 
  18. Miyan Tansen
    a pre-eminent musician in the cort of the Mughal Emperor Akbar
  19. Ragini Asavari
    said to orfinate teh snake charmers melody
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Music 345 Unit 2
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