Final Micro lab test

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    This type of microdcopy uses filters thst inhance the contrast of light waves that are in different phase due to passing through substances of vsrius densities. This is used when the speciman is not going to be stained
    phase contrast 
  2. What arre the movements of the bacteria?
    runs and tumbles
  3. this type of moement will appear as bacteria wobbling as they move in a linear direction
  4. this type of movement that most often appears as a single sell rotatioing like a propeller
  5. All small cells and molecules in solution will exhibit a random shaking/twitching type of movement called
    brownia motion
  6. Image Upload 2  
    What is the tppe of motile is expressed in the above picture
    • left picture- non-motile species
    • right picture-motile species
  7. This is a particular species that was obtained froma clinical speciman collection and isolated from other resident bacteria present in the specima.
    a clinical isolate
  8. Are their many specoes of harmless resident flora present
  9. these components are toxic to normal flora and they aid in the isolation and subsequent indentification of the pathogen. In this, only certain bacterial species aare "selceted" 
    selected components 
  10. What relys on the use of a pH indicator that will result in acolor change specific to the individule species
    differential media 
  11. this is a molecule that changes color depending on the pH that it is exposed to
    pH indicator
  12. If the substrate is utilized by the isolate, the pH will do what, and this results in what?
    decrease; a change in a color of the pH indicator
  13. What is the result of the pH indicator being introduced to the chemical
    the area surronding the colony or the colony itself will change color
  14. Is mannitol salt algar selective component or differential media
  15. What is mannitol salt algar used to do
    isolate and identify pathogenic bacterium, Staphococcus aureus in clinical speciman
  16. What makes Mannitol Salt Algar to be so selective? Why?
    a high salt consintration; most microbes do not like the high salt consintration
  17. What is more sensitive to salt; gram positive or gram negative
    gram negative 
  18. What is the pH indicator in the MSA
    phenol red
  19. What components allow MSA to be differential
    mannitol and phenol red
  20. Gram positive bacteria id only able to metabolize mennitol. S aureus is gram positive. What happens when it is put into the mannitol salt algar
    the pH is decreased causing the pink/red color to turn to yellow
  21. The biochemical process of generating energy from a carbon source 
  22. Wha do heteratrophes utilize to generate energy
    organic carbon in the form of carbohydreates(sugars)
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