Romans midterm

  1. What event in Acts could have played a motivating role in Paul's life as a Christian?
    Stephens death
  2. What is the law useful for according to our notes besides recognizing our need for a Savior?
    Showing us our sin
  3. What type of act made Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus real and complete?
  4. How does Paul state that he was "taken" by Christ?
    By force
  5. How were the disciples "taken" by Christ?
  6. God tells Ananias tht Paul is to be His?
  7. What happend to the believers in Jerusalem the day Stephen was martyred?
    They were driven out
  8. What are the 3 periods of Paul's life?
    • 1. His life as a Jew and a Christian
    • 2. His conversion
    • 3. His life as a Christian and an apostle
  9. Explain the difference between Paul's response to Christ on the Road to Damascus and ananias' response when Christ spoke to him concerning Paul.
    Paul questioned who God was and Ananias was ready and willing to do whatever God asked him to do
  10. With what tribe did Paul and his family belong?
  11. Paul's education was essentially?
  12. Wht is thought to be Paul's chosen trade by his parents?
  13. What allowed paul's family a somewhat higher social position?
    Roman citzenship
  14. In what city did Paul grow up?
  15. List the 3 phases of Paul's apostleship.
    • 1. Preperation
    • 2. Missionary journeys
    • 3. Imprisonment
  16. What was the difference between Paul and the other 12 apostles in their acceptance of Christ?
    Paul was forced and the other apostles chose it
  17. List 3 reasons Paul may have changed his name.
    • 1. Mark of respect
    • 2. An allustion to his spirit of humility
    • 3. Jews traveling in a foreign country assumed a Greek or Roman name
  18. Examples of God changing someone's name.
    • 1. Simon to Peter
    • 2. Abram to Abraham
    • 3. Sarai to Sarah
    • 4. Jacob to Israel
  19. List the 3 ways Paul's authority was undermined on his third missionary journey.
    • 1. They called him a disciple of the apostles, who had gone against his masters
    • 2. They maintained the permanence of the law
    • 3. They denied that a doctrine devoid of all law could secure the moral life of its adherents
  20. What is Paul's main theme in Romans?
    The basic Gospel
  21. Lis the 3 purposes of Paul's letter.
    • 1. To prepare the way for his coming
    • 2. He wrote to present a basic system of salvation
    • 3. He sought to explain the relationship between Jew and Gentile in God's overall plan of redemption
  22. In what place does Paul's first preaching take place?
  23. In what city was the gospel first extended to the Gentiles and was also the take off point for all three of Paul's missionary trips?
  24. Who did Paul feel the he needed to meet after his three years of preaching in Arabia?
  25. In every Gentile city, what group of people does paul begin his preaching toward?
  26. Who remembered Paul to examine the news of theunprecedented movement in Anitoch?
  27. This was one of the biggest questions that Paul faces in his missionto the Gentiles?
    Mosiac law
  28. Who was with Paul as he set out on his second missionary journey?
  29. Because of an illness, Paul had to stay in this city while on his second missionary journey?
  30. Paul stayed in this city for two years during his second missionary journey?
  31. Before Paul's third missionary journey, what subject did Peter and Barnabas "flip-flop" on?
  32. What are the people taht Paul ran "headlong" into while on his third missionary journey?
  33. What was the specific year that Paul is thought to have written his first letter to the Romans?
    57 AD
  34. What information about the gospel did we find besides that is was given "beforehand"? It was given by the:
  35. Paul introduces himself and tells us that he is a servant. What else does he tell us about himself?
    Called as an apostle
  36. Why was Paul so thankful for the Romans church? Because of:
    Their faith
  37. What are the two most pivotal verses in the New Testiment according to Robert H. Mounce?
    16 and 17
  38. Who does Paul consider to be the "wicked"?
     Those who suppress the truth
  39. Paul describes the wickedness of humans as a reversal of what God intended in what Old Testiment book?
  40. Examples of what humans exchanged for the glory of God.
    An image in the form of a corruptable man and of birds and 4 footed animals and crawling creatures
  41. What is it called when god reveals himself through creation?
    General revelaion
  42. The clearest teaching on this immoral behavior in contained in Romans chapter one. What is the specific behavior>
  43. What did God "give the people over to" because they neither honored Him nor gave Him thanks to Him?
    Their lust and sin
  44. For I am not _____ of the gosple.
  45. For it is the power of God unto _____.
  46. For a ______ of God is revealed.
  47. For there is revealed God's______.
  48. Who are the two groups that make double attestation to the Gospel of God?
    Prophets of the Old Testiment and Apostles of the New Testiment
  49. Faith is the proper response to the Gospel but what element must be included for it to be a living faith?
  50. What are the great 7 principles of God's judgement?
    • 1. According to truth
    • 2. According to accumulated quilt
    • 3. According to works
    • 4. Without respect of persons
    • 5. Accoding to performance, not knowledge
    • 6. God's judgement reaches the secrets of the heart
    • 7. According to reality, not religous profession
  51. Chapter two, verse one is referred to as the greatest passage in all of scripture concerining what of God's upon creation?
  52. Paul identifies two classes of "self-appointed" judges or condemners. What attribute identifies the second group?
  53. The seventh point of God's judgment is specifically meant to go to what group of people?
  54. What group of people should theses verses (2:17-19) "resonate" with today?
  55. According to Paul, is there an advantage to hearing God's word without obedience to God's word?
  56. According to Stott, which of these is not one of the privileges that God gave to the Jews?
    1. The Law
    2. Circumcision
    3. Covenant
    4. Temple
  57. According to Stott, what may be the only reason a Jewish person might go near a pagen temple?
  58. What other privilege does the Jew possess besides the law and circumcision?
    God's special people
  59. How many Old Testiment quotations does Paul borrow to use in Romans to picture human unrighteousness?
  60. According to Professor Cranfield, what is the response of the defendant when the evidence is read off?
  61. Waht is the ultimate result of sin?
  62. The law brings the _____ of sin, but it does not bring the ______ of sin.
    revelation and knowledge
  63. We are not helpless victims of negative influnces but we are to be resposible for our?
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