short story vocab

  1. subside
    to become less agitated or active, lessen
  2. invalid
    too ill to live a normal life
  3. careen
    to rush carelessly
  4. imminent
    about to occur
  5. irridescent
    shining with shifting rainbow colors
  6. doggedness
    persistance or stubborness
  7. infability
    an inability to make errors
  8. reiterated
    to repeat
  9. precariously
    insecurley in a dangerous way
  10. exotic
    excitingly strange
  11. heresy
    an action or opinion that is contrary to what is thought of as right
  12. destined
    determined before hand; fated
  13. perverse
    stubbornly contrary; wrong or harmful
  14. stoicism
    showing indifference to pain or pleasure; not showing emotion
  15. aghast
    filled with shock or horror
  16. zealous
    intensely devoted or enthusiastic
  17. ruinous
    bringing ruin or downfall; disasterous
  18. preclude
    to prevent especially by taking action beforehand; to prevent
  19. appropriation
    money set aside for a specific purpose
  20. degraded
    fallen in life to wickedness or depraved
  21. solicitously
    an expression of care or concern
  22. impoverished
  23. virtuoso
    a characteristic of a person with masterly skill or knowledge
  24. compassion
    deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with wish to relieve it
  25. condone
    to overlook, disregard, or forgive
  26. amenity
    something that adds to ones comfort or convience
  27. accost
    to approach and speak to in an aggresive or hostile manner
  28. disarming
    removing or overlooking suspicion; inspiring confidence
  29. consequently
    as a result; therefore
  30. deplorable
    deeply regretable; unfortunate
  31. privation
    lack of basic nessecities or comforts of life
  32. exorbitant
    much too high; excessive
  33. pauper
    a poor person who usually depends on public charity
  34. stamina
    physical or moral strength; endurance
  35. elude
    to escape with skill
  36. poignantly
    in a profoundly moving manner
  37. impunity
    freedom from punishment, penalty, or harm
  38. banished
    to force to go away; to drive out
  39. unchecked
    not restrained or controlled
  40. quarry
    the object of a hunt; prey
  41. repose
    to lie dead or at rest
  42. reprehensibile
    deserving of blame
  43. gamut
    an entire range or series of something
  44. scruple
    an uneasy feeling arising from one's conscience or princples
  45. askew
    crooked; to one side
  46. rapt
    deeply delighted; enchanted
  47. bravado
    a false show of courage or defiance
  48. implore
    to beg; earnestly ask for
  49. termination
    the end, edge, or limit of something
  50. prospects
    possibilities or chances especially with profit or success
  51. squalor
    living in filthy or wretched conditions
  52. impotent
    powerless; lacking strentch or vigor
  53. tangible
    able to be felt or touched
  54. affable
    friendly,pleasant, easy to talk to
  55. fetter
    to restrain with chains or shackles
  56. uncanny
    so remarkable as if to seem supernatural
  57. potential
    possible but not yet existing
  58. indulgently
    in a tolerant manner
  59. degradation
    a decine to a lower condition with loss of dignity
  60. adulation
    excessive praise or flattery
  61. proverbial
    widely spoken of; famous
  62. futile
    having no useful result; without effect
  63. imperative
    absoultley neccessary
  64. vexation
    anger or annoyance
  65. droll
    amazingly odd or comical
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