Psych Prep A

  1. the suprachiasmic nucleus (SAN) is located in the ___________ and runs/is the __________
    Circadian clock 
  2. heterogeneous groups tend to produce ______________

    homogeneous groups tend to be more_______________
    more creative solutions

    more cohesive
  3. Three problmes with selection tests in hiring:

    differential validity in hiring:

    Two other problems in hiring
    . used to be thought of a s a problem, but in reality is pretty close....previous sample sizes were too small

    unfairness and adverse impact
  4. standard error of hte estimate
    • direct relationship with the SD of the criterion
    • and an indirect relationship with validity. 
  5. imprinting
    appearance of a stimuli during a critical period, impacts the relationship...story og goosling seeing a psychologist and following it around
  6. history
    any coincidentally occuring event, not part of treatemnt, that influences outcome
  7. protocol analysis
    Protocol analysis is a psychological research method that elicits verbal reports from research participants.
  8. parenting question???
    think Adler first...
  9. behavior contrast
    two behavior initially reinforced at = levels, then one is stopped....go in expected directions
  10. beta


    relaxed wakefulness
  11. -Theta
    -k complex
    • slower than alpha
    • Inc. Frq.
    • Inc. Amp.
    • Delta waves are the slowest and highest amplitude brain waves
    • deep sleep
  12. response cost =s
    loses something for misbehavior

  13. range of the standard arror of the estimate is
    0 to the SD of the test
  14. range of the validity coefficient is
    -1 to +1
  15. range of the reliability coefficient is

    it provides info about???
    0 to 1

    repeatability or consistency...if reliable people maintain their approx ranking....NO info on changes in scores
  16. range of the standard error of the estimate is
    0 to SD of the criterion
  17. kids whose moms work
    have less rigid sex roles
  18. during adolescence, teens are not
    that dramaticcly aggected by hormones and 80% have no real turmoil of problems
  19. autism boy:girl
  20. worst month range for seperation from mother?
    10-16 months
  21. African american families are not_____

    AA famalies are_____

    egalitarian, flexible and rely extended support
  22. concordance rate of bipolar I in identical twins

    on eof the most genetically loaded disorders. .....
  23. parents become stable to parents around___ months
     6 months...thus if mom needed surgery, pre 6 months is a good time, then stranger (6-10) and seperation (10-16) anxiety comes into play
  24. 30% of entrants to the workforce are___
  25. most frequent ethics charge
    sexual misconduct
  26. social facilitation
    imporves performance (marathon, or simple tasks)
  27. social inhibition
    poor performance with novel / complex tasks
  28. continuous schedules of reinforcemnt are most weffective when___
    learning a new task/behavior
  29. who made the dolls ofr brown versusu board
    clark at city college of NYC
  30. fundamental attribution bias
    people explain the failure of others to (the other's) internal causes, ignoring situational variables
  31. self-serving bias
    people attribute  thier own success to internal factors but failure to external factors
  32. weiner's theory
    somethign to do with stability and instability of internal/external factors
  33. self-perception theory
    people's tendencies to look outside self when they do not know the cause of thier own behavior
  34. erickson first year of life (Freud  oral)
    trust v. mistrust
  35. erickson 2nd year of life (freud anal)
    autonomy v. shame
  36. erickson 3rd stage is______ covers from what years _____ and parallels freud's _____ stage
    initiative v. guilt


  37. 4th erickson is ____ cpovers from what years ____ and parallels freud's____ stage
    industry v. inferioirty 


  38. adopted kids' IQs correlate with___
    bio parents
  39. Raven's ...
    best non-verbal  IQ....measures 'g'
  40. in relatiohsips...the reciprocity hypoothesis says
    people like others who like them
  41. self instruction therapy is developed by ______

    is _________in theoretical foundation and is especially useful with __________


    ADD?ADHD? hyper and impulsive
  42. while lifetime OCD prevalence is gender equal...with kids it is...
    more common with males 
  43. ASch conformity group size____type___
    moderate, peak of 7

    unanimous members
  44. Kluver-BUcy
    damage to amygdala

    placidity, apathy, hyperphagia (increased eating) hypersex, agnosias
  45. experiencing discomofort from sexual orientation? your diagnosis is...
    sexual disorder NOS
  46. tstimonials ....
    can be solicited....from ex patients with no undue influence
  47. a child with a reading d/o is likely to 
    continue to have the disability as an adult
  48. idiosyncrasy credits are earned by..
    intiially conforming to norms then becoming a tweaker
  49. approach avoidance conflict
    both drawn to and repelled to the same alternative
  50. aproach - aproach  conflict
    must choose between tow desserts then devalues the alternative not choseon
  51. effect size is a measure of ...
    SD so .85v = .85 of a SD
  52. there is no stipulation that multiple relationships shold...
    generally be i hate this ficking process..
  53. 1st highest correltaion old people sex and...

    2nd is
    1. partner availability

    2. how much of a horn dog your were as a younger adult! whoo hoo
  54. correlatino is always restricted when 
    the range of one or both variables is reatricted
  55. cerebral palsy is caused by 
    trauma at birth
  56. jungians see transference as a reflection of both
    personal & collective unconsciousnesses
  57. successful aging is most associated with....
    high activity level
  58. voluntary movement neurotransmitter?
  59. group polarization occurs when 
    groupe members make more extreme decisions than they would as individuals
  60. idiographic


    single subject approaches

    group approaches

    only relative strengths within a subject...cant be used for cross-subject comparison
  61. SES is _____ correlated with mental illness
  62. by age one ____% of infants are secruly attached
  63. physically abusive parents are:
    1. married, 2. female, 3. abused as a child

    NOT presenting with psychiatric issues like depression
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