Int. Review

  1. What is the epidermis composed of
    stratified squamos
  2. Which layer is licker dermis or epidermis
  3. The dermis is composed of
    Dense connective tissue and adipose
  4. What divides the dermis from the epidermis
    basement membrane
  5. What are melanocytes and where are they located
    Cells that contain a pigment melanin and they are found in the epidermis 
  6. What determines skin color
    The amount on pigment melanin and the size of granules
  7. What factors can determine skin color
    Genetics, environmental and physiological
  8. What is melanin
    Pigment that protects the body
  9. Why does the epidermis need to be close to the dermis
    Because the dermis blood vessels that supply nutrients to the epidermis 
  10. Another name for Subcutanoeus layer
  11. Where are all the accessory organs located
  12. Where does mitosis take place in the nails
  13. What happens to new cells as they grow older
    They keratinized
  14. Three places where hair is not found
    Palms, lips and soles
  15. What causes goose bumps
    Arrector pili muscle
  16. What is sebum
  17. What is the signifcance of Sebaceous glands
    To moisturize and waterproof  the hair shaft
  18. Where are Approcine and Eccrine glands found
    • Aprocrine: groin and area under armpits
    • Eccrine: forehead, neck and back
  19. What are Aprocrine and Eccrine glands
    • Aprocrine- kicks in after puberty
    • Eccrine- temp. regulation
  20. Two examples of modified sweat glands
    Mammry glands and Ceruminous glands (ear wax)
  21. Name the strata in order from deep to superficial
    Basale, Spinosum, Granulosum, Lucidum, Cornuem
  22. Which skin cancer arises from moles
  23. Impetigo is caused by..... and... infection
    Strept and Staph
  24. What are scabs
    Skin infection caused by an itch mite
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