Chemical Reaction Rules

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  1. Synthesis of two elements
    binary compound
  2. Synthesis of metallic oxide and carbon dioxide
  3. Synthesis of binary chloride and oxygen
  4. Synthesis of metallic oxide and water
    base (OH group)
  5. Synthesis of non-metallic oxide and water
  6. Decomposition of binary compound
  7. Decomposition of carbonate
    metallic oxide and carbon dioxide
  8. Decomposition of chlorate
    binary compound and oxygen gas
  9. Decomposition of acids/ bases
    oxide compound and water
  10. Things that can replace each other in single displacement:
    • cation (usually metal) 
    • anion (usually non-metal, often halogens -- group VII A)
  11. A a metal from what group will react with water to produce what?
    • A metal from group I A or II A
    • Produces a compound and hydrogen gas
  12. An acid and a base react in a special type of double displacement to produce what?
    salt (+/-) and water
  13. Combustion: A compound made of carbon and hyrogen (or carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen) will combine with oxygen gas to produce what?
    carbon dioxide and water
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