Practice Quiz 4

  1. A ______ is used to ensure that any date sent across a public network, such as the Internet, is secure.

    A.  VPN
  2. The workhorse of a VPN connection is the _____ because it carries the network packet over a wide area network (WAN) link.

    D.  Remote Access Protocol
  3. ____ is the most commonly used transport protocol, and so it is most typically encapsulated in a remote access protocol for transport over a WAN.

    C.  TCP/IP
  4. _____was the first commercially available server operating system offered by Novell.

    A.  NetWare
  5. _____ is a set of IP-based secure commenications and encryption standards created throuh the Internet Engineering Task Force.

    B.  IPsec
  6. _____ was developed by IBP and the National Security Agency in cooperation with the National Bureau of Standards as an encryption technique using a secret key between the communication stations.

    D.  DES
  7. A _____ server might be used if you plan to set up two or more RAS servers and want to stadardize access policies and authentication, or if you want to use the server's access accounting features.

    C.  RADIUS
  8. The VPN server properties _____ tab allows you to enable the server as a router and/or a remote access server.

    D.  General
  9. A ______, popularly called a digital modem, links a computer or a fax to an ISDN line.

    C.  Terminal Adapter
  10. A _____ is a digital communications device that links a computer (or sometimes a router) to a DSL telecommunications line.

    B.  DSL Adapter
  11. The _____ authentication type requires encrypted authentication between server and the client, but uses a generic form of password encryption that enables UNIX computers and other non-Microsoft operation systems to connect to a RAS server.

    A.  CHAP
  12. The _____ authentication type is used for clients who access RAS through special devices such as smart cards, token cards, and others that use certificate authentication.

    B.  EAP
  13. ____ is the most commonly used transport protocol, and so it is most typically encapsulated in a remote access protocol for transport over a WAN.

    A.  IAS
  14. A ____ enables clients to run services and software applications on Windows Server 2008 instead of at the client, which means nearly any type of operating system can access Windows Server 2008.

    D.  Terminal Server
  15. A ____ is a system that has no CPU and that accesses a mainframe computer to perform all program execution and processing on the mainframe.

    C.  Thin Client
  16. ____ client software runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 to enable the client to run the Windows graphical user interface, which looks like a regular 32-bit version of Windows.

    C.  Terminal Server
  17. ____ is a new feature that enables a client to run an application
    without loading a remote desktop on the client computer.

    B.  RemoteApp
  18. ____ provides a secure way to use Terminal Services over the
    Internet, which is vital for security conscious organizations.

    D.  TS Gateway
  19. ____ enables authentication to take place before the Terminal
    Services connection is established, which thwarts would-be attackers.

    B.  Network Level Authentication
  20. Terminal Services client computers can log on using the ____

    C.  Remote Desktop Connection
  21. Through ____, one resource can be made to appear as many separate resources.

    A.  virtualization
  22. ____ allows the running of multiple workstation operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux, on one computer.

    B.  Workstation or PC virtualization
  23. ____ allows the running of single applications in their own
    virtual machine environments.

    A.  Application virtualization
  24. ____ can be purchased from Microsoft and has tools to help in porting virtual machines as well as to manage a large number of virtual machines, tune server utilization, manage virtual disks, and set up Windows PowerShell scripts.

    A.  VMM
  25. The ____ is available as a free download and can be used to make an image of a server and set up that image on a new virtual machine.

    B.  Virtual server migration toolkit
  26. Two native tools that are automatically available in Hyper-V
    Manager when you install Hyper-V are the ____ tools.

    B.  Import and export
  27. Hyper-V is a role that you install through either the _____ window or Server Manager.

    D.  Initial Configuration Tasks
  28. The ____ server role enables you to set up a software environment from which to create multiple virtual machines.

    D.  Hyper-V
  29. You can shut down a virtual machine while in Hyper-V Manager by pressing ____.

  30. The key combination CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW is called the “____.”

    A.  mouse release key
  31. In the Connection Window, the ____ menu provides options to exit (close) the connection window and to change settings, such as hardware settings.

    C.  File
  32. In the Connection Window, the ____ menu includes options such as press the equivalent of CTRL+ALT+DEL and turn off the virtual machine.

    D.  Action
  33. In the Connection Window, the ____ menu enables you to connect a DVD drive or diskette drive to the virtual machine.

    A.  Media
  34. In the Connection Window, the ____ menu is used to type clipboard text or capture a screen.

    C.  Clipboard
  35. In the Connection Window, the ____ menu is used to toggle between the full screen mode and the window mode and to enable the toolbar.

    A.  View
  36. In the Connection Window, the ____ menu is used to view
    documentation for Hyper-V.

    C.  Help
  37. For each virtual machine in Hyper-V, you can configure one of
    three virtual networking options using Hyper-V Manager’s ____.

    C.  Virtual Network Manager
  38. A(n) ____ binds the network to a NIC in the virtual server, which in effect makes the NIC act like a virtual switch.

    B.  external virtual network
  39. The option in the Hyper-V Manager, Enable virtual LAN
    identification for ____ can be configured to assign a virtual LAN identification number to distinguish that network from others.

    A.  parent partition
  40. The ____ option in Hyper-V Manager to is used to configure

    D.  Settings
  41. The ____ role is intended for organizations that use customized
    software built from Microsoft application development and Web products.

    A.  application server
  42. A ____ is a library of commonly used applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be reused by programmers in the larger applications that they write.

    D.  class library
  43. ____ relates to how much one module in a program must rely on another.

    C.  Coupling
  44. The ____ is a specialized language for creating windows, pages, and other visual features.

    D.  Extensible Application Markup Language
  45. ASP.NET, which is a free download from Microsoft, provides a Web development environment that is built on ____.

    A.  CLR
  46. ____ consists of standards for building software from individual
    objects or components.

    C.  Component Object Model
  47. Net.TCP Port ____ permits several network applications to share incoming communications via one TCP port.

    C.  Sharing
  48. In TCP, a(n) ____ is like a virtual circuit between two
    communicating applications.

    C.  port
  49. Ports are typically closed via ____.

    B.  firewalls
  50. ____ enables IIS applications that are built using WCF to use IIS features that do not require message-derived activation via HTTP, such as process recycling and rapid fail protection.

    B.  WAS
  51. A ____ process is an ASP.NET process that runs on its own without using the same memory as IIS.

    D.  worker
  52. ____ is the ability for applications to use messaging and message queuing services between applications.

    A.  MSMQ
  53. In an application pool, ____ mode means that application requests are processed in an environment that integrates ASP.NET and IIS.

    D.  integrated
  54. In an application pool, ____ mode means that handling of worker processes is not integrated between ASP.NET and IIS.

    B.  classic
  55. ____ enables a client to run an application from a server on the
    client as though the application is actually installed on that client.

    B.  Microsoft Application Virtualization Configuration
  56. ____ is used on the client without loading the remote desktop normally required for Terminal Services.

    D.  TS RemoteApp
  57. ____ protocol is the protocol Microsoft uses for sharing files and folders on a network.

    B.  Server Message Block
  58. ____ is a package of services you can obtain from Microsoft that enables Windows Server 2008 to obtain the latest Microsoft product updates.

    C.  Windows Server Update Services
  59. The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager ____ capability provides you with the ability to collect data about how software is used, such as the number of deployed copies, number of licenses needed, if the software is in use, and when the software is used.

    B.  software metering
  60. The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager ____ capability is used to determine the level of application compliance on client computers.

    A.  desired configuration management
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