ELO 2: Identify LOW/LOAC Principles

  1. What are the four principles of LOAC?
    • Military Necessity
    • Distinction
    • Proportionality
    • Humanity (unnecessary suffering)
  2. Which principle of LOAC requires combat forces to engage in only those acts necessary to accomplish a legitimate military objective and is for limited attacks?
    Military Necessity.
  3. What offers a definite military advantage by their destruction, capture, or neutralization?
    Valid military objectives.
  4. Physical Objectives/Targets are defined by their what?
    • Nature
    • Location
    • Purpose
    • Use
  5. Which principle of LOAC means discriminating between lawful combatant targets and noncombatant targets?
  6. In which principle of LOAC do we only engage valid military targets?
  7. Which principle of LOAC prohibits the use of any kind or degree of force that exceeds that needed to accomplish the military objective?
  8. Which principle of LOAC prohibits the employment of any kind or degree of force that is not necessary for the purposes of war, that is, for the partial/complete submission of the enemy with the least possible expenditure of life, time and physical resources?
  9. ___ __ ___ prohibits the use of lawful weapons with the intent to cause unnessary suffering (employment of weapons).
    Law of War.
  10. Lethal or non-lethal human targeting is additionally defined in the _____ __ ___________ during military operations.
    Rules of Engagement.
  11. Collateral damage avoidance prior to ___ is essential.
  12. Under which principle of LOAC is it illegal to employ arms, projectiles or material calculated to cause suffering?
    Unnecessary Suffering.
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ELO 2: Identify LOW/LOAC Principles
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