ELO 1: Understand the Legal Basis of LOW/LOAC

  1. What defined the rules governing the conduct of soldiers during military operations?
    Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC).
  2. The international conventions and treaties that help comprise our rule of law are know as what?
    • Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)
    • Law of War (LOW)
  3. What are the two sources of LOAC/LOW?
    • International Law
    • Treaty Law
  4. What encompasses all international law for the conduct of hostilities binding on the United States or its individual citizens?
    Law of War.
  5. What are the two treaties associated to the Law of War?
    • The Hague Convention
    • The Geneva Convention
  6. The following statement is known as what?

    "The Armed Forces of the United States shall comply with the law of war in the conduct of military operations and related activities in armed conflict, however such conflicts are characterized."
    United States Policy.
  7. What are some reasons that we need LOAC?
    • To regulate the use of force.
    • To prohibit unlawful conduct.
    • To protect against unnecessary suffering
    • To avoid excessive collateral damage.
    • To promote humane treatment.
    • To promote and sustain American values!
  8. What are the three legal imperatives?
    • Reasonable
    • Necessary
    • Proportional
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ELO 1: Understand the Legal Basis of LOW/LOAC
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