1. Average onset of MDD?
    late 20s but can occur at any age
  2. Does MDD occur in males or females first?
    • peak onset :
    • females: 35-45
    • males: 55 or older
  3. What is the prevalence of MDD?
  4. Name some risk factors of MDD.
    • female gender
    • postpartum
    • unstable marriage
    • prior episodes/suicide
    • lack of social support
  5. MDD recurrent?
    • YES!!
    • 50-60% after first episode
    • 70% after second episode
    • 90% after third episode
  6. Tx for MDD
    all ssri's BUT fluvoxamine
  7. fluoxetine place in MDD
    good choice for non-compliant pts due to its long half-life. can be useful in pts complaining of fatigue, sedation, or decreased energy
  8. sertraline placement in MDD
    fewer drug intxns but requires a dose of 200 mg/day. easier to titrate in geriatrics and patients with anxiety
  9. paroxetine placement for MDD
    lease activating and may be better for patients having difficulty sleeping
  10. Citalopram placement in MDD
    has reported to produce less sexual dysfunction than other SSRI's (but claim remains unclear!!!)
  11. escitalopram placement in MDD
    considered to be no better than citalopram
  12. C/I of bupropion in MDD
    seizure disorder, bulimia or anorexia
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