Target flow and Products

  1. What methodology of the Targeting Process facilitates the attack of the right target with the right asset at the right time?
  2. What tool is used to synchronize targeting by assigning responsibilities to detect, deliver, and assess assets on specific HPTs?
    Target Synch Matrix
  3. What tool provides the staff a check to ensure all assets are used and that assets or agencies are not overtaxed?
    Target Synch Matrix
  4. Which function provides the overall focus and sets priorities for intelligence collection and attack planning?
    The Decide Function
  5. Who is the main figure in directing the effort to detect HPTs identified in the decide function and identifies the specific who, what, when, and how for target acquisition?
    The S2
  6. What must be given to the TA systems that can detect a given target.
    A Clear task and purpose
  7. Which function executes the target attack guidance and supports the commander's battle plan once the HPTs have been located and identified?
    The Deliver function of D3A
  8. Which function is the determination of the effectiveness of force employment during military operations?
    The Assess function
  9. Defining success of effects based on Commander’s Guidance, Targeting Objectives, Defined EET Endstate, etc is known as what?
    Measure of Effectiveness
  10. What elements are key to creating a Targeting Flow?
    Battle Rhythm and Working groups
  11. What is an interim meeting that helps develop COAs based on the Commander’s priorities as refined from assessments, current Ops, and commander’s intent.
    Pretargeting Meeting
  12. What is the synchronization of the staff working group effort.
    A targeting Meeting
  13. When does the Commander approves, disapproves, or alters the COA for the targeting period?
    During the Decision Brief
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