Christianity Terms

  1. Good Samaritan
    Giving up your time or money to help your neighbor. Two Love commandments. Love God and love thy neighbor. Parable story, which was told by Jesus
  2. Minimally Decent Samaritan
    Minimum ethical effort, not harming others. Little or no cost to yourself. Love thy neighbor command.
  3. Holy Trinity 
    Father (God), Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. 3 forms of 1 God. 
  4. Martin Luther
    Main figure that branched out Christianity. Creating Protestantism. Reformist of the Roman Catholic Church. Didn’t like that the church sold indulgences. Excommunicated.
  5. Paul (Saul)
    Saul- Jewish who persecuted Christians. Struck down by light and then was Baptized and turned Christian Paul- new form of Saul, one of the main figure in Christianity 
  6. Incarnation
    Jesus is perfectly divine and perfectly human at the same time.
  7. Gospels
    Good news, Jesus is the divine son of God. Come to save humans from sinful nature. Mark, Matthew, and Luke- Synoptic Gospels (similar) John- 4th gospel
  8. Jesus
    Son or incarnation of God. Preaches to seek the kingdom of heaven through his teachings. Born a Jew. 
  9. Disciples
    Followers of Jesus. Extremely devout, gave up everything to follow Jesus.
  10. Papal Infallibility
    The Pope cannot be wrong when it comes to Church matters
  11. Roman Catholicism
    System where pope is head of church. Must go through church to get to God
  12. Protestantism
    One of the main branches of Christianity. Protest the Roman Catholic church. You can be “saved” or access God through faith alone
  13. Eastern Orthodox
    Traditionalist. More conservative than Western Church. Do not accept the Filique. God is greater than Jesus
  14. Filioque
    Holy Spirit comes from father and from the son. Jesus and God are equal
  15. Eucharist
    Communion. Blood=wine. Body=bread. Last supper.
  16. Constantine
    Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity. Brought Christianity from persecution to the main religion.
  17. Nicene Creed
    Statement of belief. Church unifying under God.
  18. Transubstantiation
    The communion is actually the blood and body of Christ.
  19. Fundamentalism
    Basic belief sees the bible as literal truth. Very traditional
  20. New Testament
    Gospels (3), John, Letters (Paul)
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Christianity Terms
Christianity Terms