Chapter 5

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  1. apagar (incendios)
    to turn off (to put out fires)
  2. arreglar
    to fix
  3. atender (ie) mesas
    to wait on tables
  4. ayudar
    to help
  5. calificar
    to grade
  6. contar (el dinero)
    to count (money)
  7. cortar (el pelo)
    to cut (hair)
  8. cuidar (de)
    to take care of
  9. entrar al trabajo
    to start work
  10. escribir a maquina
    to type
  11. ganar dinero
    to earn money
  12. pintar
    to paint
  13. servir (i)
    sirvo / sirve
    to serve
  14. tratar
    to treat
  15. vender
    to sell
  16. archivar
    to file
  17. asignar
    to assign
  18. defender
    to defend
  19. examinar
    to examine
  20. programar
    to program; to schedule
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