list 10

  1. aggrandizement
    noun - to increase in rank or wealth; growth in power
  2. caustic
    adjective – stinging, biting
  3. derogatory
    adjective- tending to lower in estimation; degrading
  4. emulate
    verb - to try to equal or surpass
  5. fortuitous
    adjective – happening by chance
  6. incipient
    adjective - in an early stage.
  7. listless
    adjective - indifferent; marked by a lack of energy or enthusiasm
  8. peripheral
    adjective – external; incidental; tangential
  9. refurbish
    verb – to freshen or polish again; to make like new
  10.  tangential
    adjective - diverging or digressing; merely touching a subject, not dealing with it at all
  11. unequivocal
    adjective – plain; very clear in meaning
  12. venerate
    verb – to regard with respect and reverence; to honor
  13. whet
    verb – to sharpen; to make stronger; to stimulate
  14. zany
    adjective – clownish; foolish; funny; absurd
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