clinical affil 4

  1. dressing vs bandage
    • dressing covers a wound w/o going all the way around the limb
    • bandage wraps and wraps
  2. bed mobility vs transfers
    • bm: motion within bed only
    • transfers: bed to chair, sit to stand, etc
  3. some items in a problem list
    • decreased endurance, strength, balance...
    • increased fatigue

    FHP, rounded shoulders, kyphotic - these should go after this in an IE, in a "pt p/w" sect
  4. PO, NPO
    • per os, not per os --- food taken orally
    • "decreased PO intake" = less food eaten
  5. DDD
    degenerative disk disease
  6. ectasia
  7. normal LVEF
    • 55-70% = normal
    • <40% may confirm diagnosis of heart failure
    • <35% pt may be at risk of life threatening irregular heartbeats
  8. MR
    mitral regurgitation:valve insufficiency, so blood leaks back into L atrium -- most common form of valvular heart disease
  9. where does EOB dangling go on an IE?
    • if no amb happened, put it under gait.
    • Else, put it to the R of the transfers
  10. chole-
    gall bladder
  11. cholelithiasis
    presence of gall stones (which are formed in biliary tract)
  12. cholecystectomy
    • removal of gall bladder
    • can be partial or full
  13. laparoscopic vs laparotomy
    scopic has the smaller incision
  14.  cholecystitis
    • inflam of gall bladder, usually due to gall stones
    • acute cholecystitis = bile trapped in gall bladder
  15. some key qs in an interview
    do you live alone? or with whom? who helps you? HHA? indep? WC/RW/ADs? elevator or stairs? handrails on stairs - on which side ascending/descending?
  16. cystectomy
    surical removal of all or part of urinary bladder
  17. IS
    incentive spirometer -- aim for >1000 cc on exhalation
  18. C/D/I
    clean dry intact -- written regarding wound dressing
  19. retropulsion
    leaning/pulling backwards
  20. what to call a kind of reddish dressing
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