1. A ballatas se Amor campo de pluma
    Every lover is a warrior and Cupid has his camps.
  2. A cane non magno saepe tenetur aper
    A boar is often held by a not so large dog.
  3. Abeunt studia in mores
    Pursuits pass over into habits.
  4. Amor tussique non celantur
    Love and a cough are not easily concealed
  5. Audentes deus ipse iuvat
    God himself helps those who dare
  6. Carmina morte carent
    Songs never die
  7. Cetera quis nescit?
    Who does not know the rest?
  8. Credula res amor
    Love is a credulous thing.
  9. Da vaniam culpae
    Pardon the fault
  10. Et mala sunt vicina bonis
    And evil things are neighbors to good
  11. Aevo rarissima nostro simplicitas
    In our generation simplicity is very rare
  12. Casta est, quam nemo rogavit
    (Ranking is that no one has asked o.o)
  13. Exitus acta probat
    The departure proves the deeds
  14. Factum abiit; monumenta manent
    The deed has gone; the memorial there of remains
  15. Finis coronat opus
    The end crowns the work
  16. Fiama recens parva sparsa resedit aqua
    The newly kindled fire subsides sprinkled with a little water
  17. Fortunae cetera mando
    I commit the rest to fortune
  18. Hoc opus, hic labor est
    This is work, this is labor
  19. Hominum sententia fallax
    The judgement of men is fallible
  20. Durus assiduo consumitur anulus usu
    Even an iron ring wears through by constant use
  21. Gratis paenitet esse prolium
    One regrets being virtuous without just reward
  22. Ipsa migi dixi, "si valet ille venit"
    I said to myself, "If he is well he will come"
  23. Medio tutissimus ibis
    You will go safest by the middle course
  24. Militiae species amor est
    Love is a kind of warfare
  25. Milie modi veneris
    There are a thousand ways of making love
  26. Molle meum levibus cor est violabile tells
    My tender heart is subject to injury from the light arrows (of Cupid)
  27. Nec tempora perde precando
    Do not lose the time in praying
  28. Nihil est annis velocius
    Nothing is swifter than the years
  29. Nil homini cerum est
    Nothing is certain to man.
  30. Non oculi tacuere tui
    Your eyes were not silent
  31. Non homunis culpa sed esta loci
    The fault is not of the man but of the place
  32. Nos duo turba sumus
    We two form a multitude
  33. Omnia mutantor
    All things must change
  34. Omnia mutantur, nihil interit
    All things change, nothing perishes
  35. Parva leves capiunt animos
    Small things captivate light minds
  36. Per mare, per terras
    By sea and land
  37. Pia fraus
    A pious fraud
  38. Qui cum triste aliquid statuit, fit tristis et ipse, quiue fere poenam sumere poena sua est
    One who, when he resolves upon a sad decision, becomes sad also himself, and to whom it is almost a punishment to inflict punishment
  39. Qui non est hodie, creas minus aptus erit
    He who is not prepared today will be less so tomorrow
  40. Qui silet est firmus
    He who holds his tongue is strong
  41. Quid facies odio, sic ubi amore noces?
    What will you do in your hatred, when you are so cruel in your love?
  42. Quid facis, infelix? Perdis bona vota!
    What are you doing, unhappy one? You are losing our good wishes
  43. Quid faciunt pauci contra tot milia fortes?
    What can a few brave men do against so many thousands?
  44. Quid magis est durum saxo, quid meilius unda? Dura tamen nilli saxa cavantur aqua
    What is more hard than rock, what is softer than the wave? Yet hard rocks are hollowed by the soft water
  45. Quid tibi cum pelago? Terra contenta fuisses
    What have you to do with the sea? You should have been content with land
  46. Quid victor, guades? Haec to victoria perdet
    Why, victor, does thou exalt? This victory will be your ruin
  47. Quidquid Amor jussit, non est contemnere tutum
    Whatsoever love has ordained it is not to be despise
  48. Quis furor est census corpore ferre sum?
    What sort of madness is it to carry one's fortune upon one's body
  49. Seris venit usus ab annis
    Skill come from late years
  50. Quis numium ultis "nomano" dicit amat
  51. Remis adjice vela tuis
    Add sails to your oars
  52. Rudis indegestae moles
    An unwrought, confused mass; Chaos
  53. Saepe creat molles aspera spina resas
    Often the prickly thorn produces tender roses
  54. Sed non culpae mea est
    But the blame is not mine
  55. Sunt superis sua lura
    The Gods have their own rules
  56. Tanta potentis for mea est
    So great is the power of beauty
  57. Si tibi cura mei sit tibi cura tui
    If you have any concern for me have concern also for yourself
  58. Tempus edax rerum
    Time is the devourer of all things
  59. Tu quoque
    You also
  60. Ut ameris, amabilis esto
    Be amiable then you'll be loved
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