1. Cineri gloria sera venit
    Late glory comes to ashes
  2. Dum recita incipit esse tuus
    While you recite it begins to be your own
  3. Ne quid nimis
    Without which not; Necessity
  4. Nomen toto sparget in orbe suum
    He spreads his name throughout the whole world
  5. Non amo te Sibidi, nec possum discere quare
    I don't like you Sibidi, nor am I able to say why
  6. Juvat ipse labor
    Work itself is pleasing
  7. Non bene olet, qui bene semper olet
    He does not smell well who always has a nice scent upon him; He who uses perfumes has good reasons for it
  8. Nos haec novimus esse nihil
    We have known these things to be nothing
  9. Pereunt et imputantur
    They (the hours) pass by, and are put to our account
  10. Rus in urbe
    Country in town
  11. Semper bonus homo tiro est
    A good man is always a beginner
  12. Stultus labor est ineptiarum
    Labor about trifles is foolish
  13. Ride si sapis
    Laugh if you know
  14. Ut ameris, ama
    In order that you may be loved, love
  15. Cras vives? Hodie iam vivere, serum est
    You'll live tomorrow? Today is already late to live
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