Position & Location

  1. Anatomical position
    a standard poition; the body is erect and facing forward, arms at the side with palms facing forward and thumbs at side, etc
  2. Erect position
    The body is standin up
  3. Supine position
    Lying face up or belley up
  4. Prone
    lying face doen or belly down
  5. Laterally recumbent position
    Lying on side
  6. Caudal or inferior
    below or toward the tail end
  7. Contralaterial
    related to opposite sides of the body
  8. homolateral or ipsilateral
    relating to the same side of the body
  9. Peripheral
    outerside serface or surrounding external area of a structure
  10. Visceral
    the outer covering of a body cavity or hollow organ
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