General Final Review

  1. Myasthenia gravis
    • Immune system attached to the ACh receptors and destroys them
    • When motor neuron release ACh, the neurotransmitters cannot find its place to attach to and cannot send out the message
    • Medicine would help stop the ACh being broken down, so that it will still flow around in the cleft and bind with the limited receptors
  2. cAMP
    • adenylate cyclase catalizes the formation of the
    • phosphodiesterase breaks the cAMP down

  3. Dale's Law
    Each nerve terminal releases a single type of transmitter

  4. Five primary senses
    Audition, Olfaction, Vision, Somatosensory (touch, pain…), Gustatory
  5. Taste Buds - Taste papilla
    • Filiform
    • Fungiform
    • Foliate (folds - 1000 buds on each of them)
    • Circumrallate (rallate) 250 buds on each of them
  6. IP3
    It's the trandution molecule for sweet, bitter and umami
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General Final Review
General Final Review