MCAT physics

  1. sin and cos 30 degrees?
    sin 30 = 1/2

    cos 30 = sqrt 3 /2
  2. What is the sin and cos of 0
    sin 0 = 0

    cos 0 = 1
  3. What is the sin and cos of 45 degrees
  4. transverse wave
    A transverse wave is a wave that causes vibration in the medium in a perpendicular direction to its own motion.

    ex: electromagnetic waves (LIGHT)
  5. Longitudinal Wave
    Longitudinal waves are waves that have vibrations along or parallel to their direction of travel.
  6. Is a diverging lens and diverging mirrors always have negative or positive focal length?
  7. What kind of lens or mirror can produce a real image?
    • only a converging lens or converging mirror can produce a real image
    • -->light rays must converge at one point in order to focus the image
  8. A convex mirror is converging or diverging?
    A convex mirror is diverging = DEV - diminished, erect (upright), virtual
  9. real or virtual:    o > f

    • If  o > f  
    • the magnification is negative
  10. Real or virtual:  o < f
    image distance will be negative and the image is virtual
  11. A convex mirror always produces what kind of image?
    virtual, because it is a diverging mirror
  12. MIRRORS:    Images that are virtual are always in front or behind the mirror?
    For mirrors images that are virtual are behind the mirror but for a lens, virtual images are found in front of the lens (same side as object)
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