chapter 11 OB

  1. what is conflict
    the process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party
  2. what are the two types of conflict
    • constructive: aimed at the issue, not parties
    • relationship conflict: aimed at udnermining the other party (based on emotions)
  3. why is it difficult to separate constructive from realtionship conflict?
    drive to defend activated when ideas are critiqued
  4. how to minimze relationship conflict?
    • emotional intelligence: regulate your emotions
    • cohesive team
    • supportive team norms
  5. what are structureal sources of conflict?
    • incompatible goals
    • differentiation
    • task interdependence
    • scarce resources
    • ambiguous rules
    • communication problems
  6. when should problem solving be used?
    • interests are not perfectly opposing
    • parties have trust
    • issues are complex
    • problem: other party may take advantage of info
  7. forcing
    • best when you have a deep conviction about your position
    • quick resolution
    • other party would take advantage of cooperation
    • problems: relationship conflict, long term relations
  8. avoiding
    • best when relationship conflict is high
    • conflict resolution cost is higher than benefits
    • proglems: doesn't resolve conflict, frustration
  9. yielding
    • best when other party has much more power
    • issue is much less important to you than the other party
    • value/logic of your position is imperfect
    • problem: increase other party's expectations
  10. compromising
    • best when parties have equal power
    • quick solution is required
    • parties lack trust/openness
    • problem: sub-optimal solution where mutual gains are possible
  11. what is negotiation?
    attempting to resolve divergent goals by redefining terms of interdependence
  12. which conflict handling style is best in negotiation?
    • begin with problem solving and shift to win lose style when 
    • mutual gains situation isn't apparent
    • other part won't reciprocate info sharing
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