1. which is the most important rule to observe when ou lift a heavy object?
    keep your back straight
  2. when lifting, your feeet should be
    slightly apart
  3. when lifting, your weight should be..
    distributed between both feet
  4. when you carry large panel products..
    your vision will be partially blocked
  5. if an item is too heavy for two people to lift, you should..
    use a mechanical device to move it
  6. why is proper ventilation of the workplace important?
    because most worksites ma have toxic fumes or smoldering smoke in the air
  7. List three important control systems found in the shop
    ventalaition systoms.. emergancy shutdown systems.. fire controll systems
  8. on a construction site, when should a stairway be equipped with a handrail on both sides?
    when the stairs have more than 4 rises
  9. when misxed together, two comon household cleaning agents produce chlorine gas. they are..
    bleach and ammonia
  10. the signal for stop when using hoisting platforms is
    one bell or light
  11. a compound is a substance which..
    has properties different from its combinging elements
  12. weight is the
    gravitational pull on an object
  13. the molecule can be described as..
    the smalleest part of a substance containing the characteristices of the substance
  14. what is density
    the ratio of mass to valoume
  15. what is cohesion
    the force attracting like molecules
  16. adhesion
    the force attracting unlike molecules
  17. when an external force tries to stretch a body, the body is said to be under the stress of..
  18. a stress that tries to change the shape but not the volume of an oobject is called
  19. a material that can be drawn into permanent wires  is said to have high..
  20. the maximum force a solid can withstand without becoming permanently deformed is called its
    elastic limit
  21. elastiscity is the ability to
    stretch and return to the original shape
  22. laminated wood is often used to make curved rafters because when compared to a single piece of curved wood, the laminated wood is..
  23. the basic principle behind the operation of a hydraulic press is known as
    pascals principle
  24. volatility is a mesure of how quickly a material
    changes from a liquid to a gas
  25. an SAE number refers to a liquids
  26. bernoullis principle states that
    when a fluids velocity is high its pressure is low
  27. atmospheric pressure is often measured using a
  28. what does resilent mean?
    its highly elastic and compressible
  29. what is charles law?
    if the temperature of a gas is held constant, the volume of a mass of enclosed gas varies inversely with pressure on it
  30. the conservation of energy law states that energy can be..
    neither created nor destroyed
  31. kinetic energy is the energy associated with an objects
  32. potential energy is the energy often associated with an objects..
  33. power is defined as
    the rate at which work is done
  34. a can is..
    a rotating wedge
  35. the effinciency of a screw thread is relatively
  36. the term heat is defined as
    internal energy moving from a hot object to a cooler object
  37. temperature of an object is
    the measure of the energy level of its molecular vibration
  38. a bimetallic strip is a layered strip of metal composed of
    two strips of unlike metals
  39. diesel engine exhaust temperatures are often measure musing a..
    thermocouple pyrometer
  40. the R value ofa material refers to its
    thermal resistance
  41. the amount of heat radiated from an object depends upon the objects temperature and its ..
    emissivity value
  42. what is an alloy ?
    an alloy is a metal composed of two or more chemical elements of which atleast one is a metlal
  43. ferrous metals are metals that contain at least 5%
  44. stainless steel is an alloy of iron, nickel and..
  45. white cast iron can be heat treated to convert it to..
    a malleable iron
  46. tool steel is different from mild steeel because it has a higher content of..
  47. because of its low electrical resistance, lighness and corrosion resistance, transmission lines are often made from
  48. brass is al alloy of zinc and..
  49. what colour will copper have when oxidized?
  50. the thickness of sheet metal is designated by
    a gauge number
  51. IF A SHEET OF STEEL IS BLUE OR BLACK IN COLOUR AND HAS SCales on its surface, it was probably formed by
    hot rolling
  52. when sheet steel requires protection from corrosion it is often
  53. which softwood species used in construction is construction is considered to be the strongest?
    douglas fir
  54. bowing is the result of
    improper drying techniques
  55. what is the minimum width of a wooden scaffold plank?
    9 1/4"
  56. what is the minimum height of a guardrail?
  57. above what height does a saffold requirre a guardrail?
    10 feet
  58. what is the maximum amount that a scaffold plank may project beyond its support?
  59. what is the maximum force that a guardrail is required to resist?
    125 pounds
  60. what is the maximum slpe, vertical to horizontal, that is allowed for a work platform?
  61. what is the maximum gap allowed under a toe-board?
  62. what is the minimum width allowed for a work platform
    2 plank widths
  63. what is the minimum amount that a scaffold plank may project beyond its supports?
  64. what are the two basic structural components of steel scaffolding?
    end frame and cross brace
  65. casters for steel scaffolds must have..
  66. what is the maximum height of a rolling scaffold?
    3 times its minimum base dimension
  67. steel scaffolds fitted with casters also require..
    sway braces
  68. what must be used to level a scaffold on uneven terrain..
    screw jacks
  69. what is required when placing an end frame on a wooden mud sill?
    base plate
  70. what is the maximum allowed height for a rolling scaffold which is being moved by workers on the scaffold
    when workers are more than 1 1/2  times the minimum base dimension above ground
  71. what is the maximum allowed height for a rolling scaffold which is being moved by workers other than thoses on the scaffold?
    2 times the minimum base dimension
  72. the allround system requires an
    adjustable base and collar
  73. in a tube and clamp system, the planks are supported by..
  74. to stabilize tube and clamp scaffolds, use
    face-sway braces and internal braces
  75. all scaffolds must be tied atintervals of..
    21 feet horizontally
  76. the best location for the 38 mm x 89 mm (2x4) guardrail is on
    inside edges of the uprights
  77. the minimum size of nlumber used for toe boards is..
  78. the maximum distance betweeen the horizontal building ties is..
  79. the type of finish for a wooden ladder is
    clear finish
  80. which of the following ladders is freeestanding?
  81. a fullbody harness attached to a life linemust be used when working on a ladder jack scaffold higherr than
  82. center to center spacing of the cleats on a single ladder is
    1 foot
  83. the correct slope for single or extension laders is
    4 up the slope of the ladder to 1 horizontal
  84. minimum size for the side rail of a 3 m job built single laddder is..
  85. the maximum allowable distance between supports for a manufactured plank used in a ladder jack scaffold is
  86. the maximum depth allwoed for notches in the side rals of a job built ladder is
  87. manila rope with one or more cloured strands is
    number 1grade
  88. the strongest of the ropes listed below is
  89. the type of dry rope with the best electrical insulating properties is
  90. when loaded to the breaking point, nylon rope will stretch up to
    40% its original length
  91. what is a thimble used for?
    to reduce stress on the rope at connections
  92. which synthetic rope will float on water?
  93. to remove new rope from its shipping coil you should
    pull it from the inside of the coil
  94. ropes are best stored in areas which are
    well ventilated
  95. the maximum load imposed on a rope should never exceed
    1/9 its breaking strenghth
  96. sharp bends and knots can reduce the strength of a rope by up to
  97. the portion of the rope which forms the loop is calledthe
  98. which of the knots listed below forms a non slip loop?
  99. the knot whichy multiplies the tension you apply to a rope is the
    truckers knot
  100. if you had to join a large diameter rope to a small diameter rope you would use a
    sheet bend
  101. to join two ropes of the same diameter together you should use a
    reef knot
  102. overhead lifting, you should use
    a single piece of rope
  103. what is the minimum clearance required while working around a 75 00 volt power line?
  104. turnbuckles are used to adjust the length of slings so that loads can be lifted
    in a level position
  105. shoulder type eye bolts are able to withstand pulls at an angle no greater than
    45 degreas to the vertical
  106. when several ropes are to be attached to a single hook, make the connection to the hook using a
  107. the u bolt part of a cable clip must be installed so it bears on the
    dead end of the rope
  108. the number of cable clips required for a connection depends on the
    diameter of the rope
  109. CORRECTLY INSTALLED CAble clips will reduce the breaking strenghth of wire rope by..
  110. the size of a jack is designated by its
  111. the mechanical advantage in hydraulic jacks is determined by the
    ratio of the pump pistions diameter to the lifting pistons diameter
  112. a pulling device that can use either chain or wire is the
  113. A pulling device that can use either chain or cable is the
  114. an apparatus capable of long, continuous lifts is the
    tirfor jack
  115. if you overload a tirfor jack the shear pin will break and
    all load movement will stop
  116. what type of gloves are not considered safe for handling materials?
    gauntlet type gloves
  117. the sound or light signal for LOWER IS
    three bells or flashes
  118. the sound or light signal for stop is
    one bell or flash
  119. the sound or light signal for all clear is
    four bells or flashes
  120. the sound or light signal for Raise is
    2 bells or flashes
  121. the combination square contains a spiritt level in its
    square head
  122. the drill point guage is preset at an angle of
    59 degrees
  123. the smallest graduations on a metric pocket tape are
  124. which of the layout tools listed below is the best one to use as a straightedge?
    steel rule
  125. to compare the diameter of several holes you need
    inside calipers
  126. a center punch has tip that is ground to an included angle of
    90 degrees
  127. you should use a scriber to
    scratch lines on soft metals
  128. drill point gauges have graduations that are used to measure the
    length of the cutting lips
  129. the tool made from pieces of lumber 4 to 5 metreas long and used for leveling is a
  130. the size of an adjustable wrench is designated by its
    overall length
  131. interlocking slip joint pliers are also known as
    water pump pliers
  132. the only pliers that are suitable for holding items together are
    straight jaw vise grip pliers
  133. to reduce friction when cutting the saw should be
  134. the size of a screwdriver is indicated by the
    length of the blade
  135. when nailing boards to lumber thicker than the boards how long should the nails be?
    three times the thickness of the board
  136. what type of chisel should not be struck by a mallet
  137. the size of a portable cirular saw is designated by the..
    dimeter of its blade
  138. the rip guide is used to control the
    width of the stock being cu
  139. you should set the saw so that the depth of cut is
    slightly more than the stock being cut
  140. the teeth at the front of a cirular saw should point
  141. saber saw blades used to cut ferrous metals are easily recognized because of their
    wavy teeth
  142. to prevent overheating the work piece, some band saws are euipped with
    a mist spray
  143. the smooth round portion of the twist drill that fits into the chuck is known as the
  144. to remove the nut on the left spindle of a stationary grinder you must turn the nut..
    in a clockwise direction
  145. the centre axis of the twist drill and the face of the grinding wheel should form an angle of
    59 degrees
  146. which type of nailer is used for fastening framing and sheathing
    strip nailor
  147. thread pitch can be described as..
    the distance between adjacent threads
  148. the major diameter of a screw thread is measured at the ..
  149. the nominal size of bolts includes the following two measurements
    bolt shank diameter and penetration length
  150. a threaded fastener that is used with a nut is called a
  151. a stover nut is a type of...
    self locking nut
  152. grade markings as illustrated in figure 2 make reference to the bolts
    tensile strength
  153. a slotted hex nut is designed to be used with a
    cotter pin
  154. a threaded fastener that has screw threads on both ends and has no head is referred to as a
  155. bolt washers that are used to prevent the nuts from coming loose are
    split ring lock washers
  156. which of the pin types listed below is used to align machinery parts during assembly?
    dowel pins
  157. to prevent nuts or bolt heads from damaging machinery parts, you should use
    flat washers
  158. convenience pins are available 2 common types; quick lock pins and
    spring locking pins
  159. the ring nail that is used to attach drywall is
    galvanized and has a thin head
  160. cabinet components are nailed together with
    finishing nails
  161. the bolt with a tamperproof head is called a
    carriage bolt
  162. the nut end of a bolt is inaccessible during assembly, you can use a bolt with a
    T nut
  163. when using a lag bolt to fasten an item to concrete, you would use
    an expansion shield
  164. to fasten items to drywall where no backing exists, you would use
    a lag bolt
  165. which type of tap should you use to start a thread in a hole?
    taper tap
  166. plug taps are tapered along their length for approximately
  167. when first using a thread die you should adjust it so that it cuts threads
    as shallow as possible
  168. to reform internal threads and bring the threaded hole back to its original size you could use
    a heli coil
  169. steel pipes of the same nominal size but of different schedule numbers will be identical when mesured at their
    outside diameter
  170. to join two internally threaded fittings that are close to eachother you should use a
  171. rolls of different sizes of the same type of tubing should be stored
    in ascending order
  172. black steel pipe fittings should be stored in an area that is free from
  173. the distance tubing should project above the die bar when you are going to form a double flare is..
    the  thickness of the adapter head
  174. you should try to keep  a bend away from the end of a flared tube so that the bend and the flare are no closer than
    two nut lengths
  175. double flares are used on steel tubing to prevents
    splitting on the end
  176. if you ask for a 1/4" hose, the dimension refers to the
    inside diameter
  177. a hose with the numbers -12 stamped on its side will be a hydraulic hose that
    has an inside diameter of 3/4"
  178. in order to prevent the flow of a pressurized fluid when disconnecting a quick coupler, you must install the
    coupler on the pressurized side of the connection
  179. medium and high pressure hoses should be cut to length with a
  180. to remove a socketless fitting from the end of a hose you must
    slit the hose and then pull sideways
  181. when installing the hose into the socket and nipple fitting you have to
    rotate the hose counterclockwise
  182. both the socketless and the socket and nipple hose fittings are
    reusable fittings
  183. to cure preoperly, most adheasives require a temperature of about..
    20 degrees celcius
  184. the type of adhesive that does not require the use of clamps is
    contact adhesive
  185. over penetration of glue can result in a joint that is
  186. which adhesive accepts stain more readily?
    alphatic resin
  187. which of the following is an example of a polymerizing adhesive
    urea resin
  188. to improve the flow of the solder you ust use
  189. if a soft solder is labelled 40/60, this means it is made with
    40% tin and 60 % led
  190. the proper time to apply flux to the surface of a joint is
    immediately after cleaning
  191. when heating a fitting on a vertical section of tubing, you should start applying heat at the
    top of the joint
  192. if you apply too much heat too suddenly to one spot of a cast copper fitting you risk _____ the fitting
  193. stronger joints can be made in sheet metal if you solder the joints with
    60/40 solder
  194. an atom that has an electrical charge is
    an ion
  195. total voltage drop in a circuit must be equal to
    the source voltage
  196. what is the main purpose of the flux
    eliminate oxidation during the soldering process
  197. when tinning stranded  wire..
    the strands should be visible under the solder
  198. describe the threse main indicators of an acceptable soldered connection
    bright silver color.. its often a smooth volcano shape.. its free of flux residue
  199. one way to change the strength of an electomagnet is to change the
    amount of current flow
  200. what takes the place of a ground return wire in a single wire system?
  201. what is a fixture
    a receptacle, applinance, apparatus or other device that discharges swage or clear water waste;
  202. what is trim?
    the hardware, fittings and supplies which are decorative and functioal in a plumbing installation
  203. vitrification
    the process of making or becoming glass or a glasslike substance
  204. ____ is used for valve parts because it is highly resistant to corrosion
  205. to properly fuse vitrified porcelain, temperatures of at least ____ are needed
    2600 deg farenheight
  206. vitrified means
  207. copper is affected by
  208. bronze is an alloy of copper and
  209. brass is an alloy of copper and ..
  210. what plastic pipe is not solvent welded
  211. extrusion is a method of ______ pipe into the proper shape
  212. wrought means
  213. pipe which is heated and forced into shape by hammering is called
  214. plastic pipe is usually made by
    injection moulding
  215. mandrels are used during
  216. copper tubing is made by..
  217. malleable iron fittings are made by--- and then heat treated to increase the malleability
  218. SDR means
    standard dimension ratio
  219. SDR is the ratio of the average outside diameter to the
    minimum wall thickness
  220. different sizes of the same pipe with the same SDR would have the same
    pressure rating
  221. the main requirement for tubing used in a drainage system is that it NOT be
  222. some plastics cannot be solvent welded because they are so
    corrosion resistant
  223. copper resists oxidation well, but it can be corroded by
  224. steel tubing is chiefly used for..
    natural gas
  225. _______ connot be used above ground for natural gas
    polyethylene pipe
  226. the best and most economical gaskets are
  227. ______ should not be used to cut a gasket
  228. the circle size cut by a manufactured gasket cutter is adjusted by moving the
    pivot pin
  229. a compass is used to mark
  230. what are the two main properties of matter?
    volume and mass
  231. what is the density of fresh water in metric units?
  232. what is the density of fresh water in imperial units?
    62.4 lbs/ ft 3
  233. what is velocity?
    (speed) is length divided by time, measured in m/sec and ft. /sec
  234. what is acceleration?
    velociity divided by time, measured in m/sec2 and ft/sec2
  235. what is force?
    force is mass multiplied by acceleration, measured in newtons and pounds
  236. what is work?
    its the force multiplied by distance, measured in joules or
  237. what is power
    power is work divided by time, measured in joules/ sec or /sec
  238. the separation of opposite charges will cause a force called..
  239. List three ways used to prevent corrosion..
    coating 2 alloying 3 cathodic protection
  240. Density is the ratio of weight or mass to...
  241. the downward weight force on a kilogram is..
    9.8 N
  242. if several solids are dropped into a liquid, the solid with the ___ volume will experiance the gretest buoyancy
    greatest volume
  243. absolute pressure is the sum of ..
    atmospheric pressure and gauge pressure
  244. the amount of heat required to increse the temperature of a unit mass weight of a substance one degree is called
    specific heat
  245. 5 types of drawings shown on a plot plan
    • contour lines/ topography
    • elevations of specific points
    • locations of public utilities
    • property line
    • dimesions
  246. info shown on a floor plan may include..
    • layout of rooms
    • types of materials used
    • equipment, fixtures and appliances
    • dimensions of lot
  247. whats an elevation drawing
    finished exterior view of one side of a building
  248. a _____ valve should always be either fully open or fully closed
  249. a____ valve is ideal for throttling
  250. a____valve is used for preventing backflow
  251. A_____valve is used to reduce high water pressure from a main
    pressure reducing
  252. A valve is usually installed with the stem pointing
  253. sharp turns cause flow turbulence to
  254. valves should be at least ___ pipe diameters downstream of an elbow
  255. valves should be atleast___ pipe diameters upstream of an elbow
  256. A shut off valve is required in the supply to each
    water closet
  257. Every water service pipe shall be provided with a __valve where the pipe enters the building
    shut off
  258. state maximum clearance between the tool rest and the grinding wheel
    1.5 mmthe maximum length of standard step ladders shall not exceed 20'
  259. extension ladders shall not exceed ____ in length, and must have a minimum extension overlap of ____
    4.8' in length,, overlapped 4'
  260. scaffold planks should be supported every 1____ feet  for light work, and every  ___feet for heavy work, such as bricklaying and masonry.
    10 feet and 7 feet
  261. name the two main types of sprinkler head
    upright and pendent
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