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  1. Deceive.
    To deceive is to cause a person to believe what is not true (FM 3-13).
  2. Degrade.
    To degrade is to use nonlethal or temporary means to reduce the effectiveness or efficiency of adversary command and control systems and information collection efforts or means (FM 3-13).
  3. Delay.
    To delay is to slow the time of arrival of enemy forces or capabilities or alter the ability of the enemy or adversary to project forces or capabilities.
  4. Deny.
    To deny is to withhold information about Army force capabilities and intentions that adversaries need for effective and timely decisionmaking (FM 3-13). To deny is also to hinder or prevent the enemy from using terrain, space, personnel, supplies, or facilities.
  5. Destroy.
    In the context of defeat mechanisms, to destroy is to apply lethal combat power on an enemy capability so that it can no longer perform any function and cannot be restored to a usable condition without being entirely rebuilt (FM 3-0).
  6. Disrupt.
    To disrupt is to interrupt or impede enemy or adversary capabilities or systems, upsetting the flow of information, operational tempo, effective interaction, or cohesion of the enemy force or those systems (JP 3-03).
  7. Divert.
    To divert is to force the enemy or adversary to change course or direction.
  8. Exploit.
    To exploit is in information operations, to gain access to adversary command and control systems to collect information or to plant false or misleading information (FM 3-13).
  9. Interdict.
    To interdict is to divert, disrupt, delay, or destroy the enemy's military surface capability before it can be used effectively against friendly forces, or to otherwise achieve objectives (JP 3-03).
  10. Neutralize.
    To neutralize is to render enemy personnel or material incapable of interfering with a particular operation (FM 1-02). The unit is effective again when the casualties are replaced and/or damage is repaired.
  11. Suppress.
    To suppress is to temporarily degrade the performance of a force or weapons system below the level needed to accomplish the mission (FM 1-02).
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